Sheldon Whitehouse famously invoked Kristallnacht and lynchings when describing opponents of Obamacare, and regularly demonizes those who oppose him on policy grounds.

Whitehouse is running a campaign attacking the influence of PAC “special interest” money.

Whitehouse’s opponent, Barry Hinckley, held a press conference and released a web video pointing out that Whitehouse is Rhode Island’s very own PACman, having just passed $2 million in PAC donations:

Hinckley is in an uphill battle against Whitehouse, but Whitehouse never has been personally popular in Rhode Island and has high negatives.  He was elected in 2006 only because he ran against the hapless Linc Chafee in a good year for Democrats.

Hinckley has done okay fundraising, and just sold his company so he has better liquidity, but Whitehouse is a fundraising vacuum cleaner who left a Democratic DISCLOSE Act Vigil in mid July to attend a fundraiser.  As of June 30 Hinckley had just under one-half million dollars on hand, while Whitehouse had $3.5 million.

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