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Saturday Night Card Game (Obama lost The Other war he started)

Saturday Night Card Game (Obama lost The Other war he started)

We are constantly told that we portray Barack Obama as The Other because of his race.

Actually, no.

We don’t portray Obama as The Other. We portray him as what he is not what he pretends to be, and none of what he is or pretends to be has anything to do with his race.

The hysterical reaction to Mitt Romney joking about Romney’s own birth certificate was very telling. And predictable (via Right Scoop):

I can’t help but feel that these are the race card death throes of people who know they have lost The Other war.

Obama’s supporters made Obama The Other by falsely accusing critics of Obama of racism and Other-ism.

Remember voters, do not think of The Other in the room. Even though Obama’s supporters have been talking about The Other incessantly for four years.


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Watching I was reminded of the skits called Deep Thoughts by Jack Handay.

Is this the varsity? Yikes. More like tea and cakes time after the weekly canasta game.

1. The Onion jumped the shark this time. The satire is so extreme it falls flat.

2. They may get in trouble for using the MSNBC logo.
3. Kidding aside, that panel strikes me as a group of petulant preteens who eyerollingly cannot believe their parents forbid piercings.

    LukeHandCool in reply to gs. | August 25, 2012 at 10:25 pm

    You beat me to it, gs. 🙂

    That humorless echo chamber there is made of black-box material and welded shut.

    Romney has lost the zombie vote.

It was Mr. Citizen-of-the-World who cast himself as The Other. Obama was the original “birther,” portraying himself for years as born in Kenya in order to make his faux auto-biography appear more exotic. Obama is also the one who, in the 2008 campaign, touted his early years in Indonesia, and his Muslim family connections, as advantages in his favor. (Remember that NY Times interview in which he recited from the Koran in “nearly perfect Arabic” and rhapsodized about how the Muslim call to prayer was one of the world’s most beautiful sounds?). Obama boasted about his non-American experiences, and claimed that they made him better able to relate to the rest of the world than provincial, all-American types like Sarah Palin, who didn’t have nearly enough stamps in her passport.

Obama is the one who built the narrative of himself as The Other. His water-carriers in the MSM are just upset now because many American voters are starting to wonder if Obama’s anti-American sensibilities are more dangerous to the nation than the MSM has been letting on.

“base and despicable bigotry”: These people are delusional. November will tell quite a tale.

Romney spoke proactively in order to avoid the need for a senate consensus to establish his eligibility. McCain was not so fortunate. Apparently, children born to Americans serving abroad constitutes reasonable doubt to their status as “natural born.”

As a nation is a legal construct, which is not exclusively correlated to the land, and only citizens are subject to the jurisdiction of the Constitution, while others to lesser legislative laws, the reasonable standard for “natural born” is parents who are both citizens, natural or naturalized.

As for Obama, he lost me at redistributive change, which is a euphemism for progressive involuntary exploitation.

I agree with Observer above. Obama has, moreover, by his own behavior, stimulated the suspicion of “otherness.” His behavior has led to questions about his personal history (sealed documents) religious beliefs (Trinity United / Jeremiah Wright) (unexplained support for Islamic groups), his social-economic views (statements and policies supportive of Marxism / socialism)and his view of the law (bypassing Congress and issuing executive orders at every opportunity, naming a bevy of unconfirmed “czars,” etc.

The Left judges all these doubts about Obama which result from his own behavior as “racism.” Just absurd!

I suspect many people are way past being tired of this incessant need to characterize anything and every thing critical of Obama as bigoted, somehow rooted in racism. I find it proof positive that they have lost all other arguments – they have nothing of substance left to sustain them. Their hypocrisy in exploiting the ‘birther’ issue to raise money (Made in the USA/Birth Certificate coffee mug, anyone?) while spewing righteous indignation over a clever jibe is pathetic. Their collective skin is tissue-paper thin these days.

However, the more strident and shrill they become, the more they turn reasonable people off, creating more potential Romney voters.

MItt was making a joke, now it’s a national news story. I like the Mitt Romney I have seen on the web since he announced Ryan as his running mate, he has more energy, more life and he’s telling jokes that are funny.
The Other has mugs with his birth certificate on his website, which is not separate from The White House website. I am not a lawyer but it the wrong thing to do as far as I am concerned.

I confused…..I thought that Obummer referred to himself as ‘The One’ who was going to lower the sea levels, etc….when did he become ‘The Other One’?

Oh well, I guess I’m a racist because I don’t like either one of them.

Wally Kalbacken | August 26, 2012 at 12:15 am

Man, is it going to be sweet to watch these mofos get crushed by reality on November 6!

    counsel4pay in reply to Wally Kalbacken. | August 26, 2012 at 1:52 am


    Tune: “Feed the Birds” with apologies to Mary Poppins.


    Coifed and costumed each day come the media whores,
    For their lies must commence with the sun,
    With the guile of a temptress, to our nation they call,
    “Come drink the Kool-Aid of “THE WON.”

    “Then suckle his minions, and show them you care,
    And you’ll be, oh so glad, if you do.
    The masses are hungry,
    But we’ve no truth to share,
    So we need much more Kool-Aid for you.”

    “Feed our fools, just a few lies apiece,
    We can all drink of the Kool-Aid for a few lies apiece.
    “Feed our fools” that’s what they cry,
    And throughout our nation their song fills the skies.

    From someplace that’s not hot for the wicked,
    Mitt’s attackers are slaving away,
    And although we can’t see it, we know they are smiling,
    For each honest soul led astray.
    Though the Media’s corrupted (it’s true),
    If you listen, they’re calling to you:

    “Feed our fools, just a few lies apiece,
    A few “spins”, a few “shams”, a few “fibs” apiece.”

Does anyone with a couple of neurons watch MSNBC anymore?

Aren’t their ratings somewhere in the cellar?

This administration will be toast in November and I predict some dancin’ in the streets!

I notice that clip must be a few days old. Anyway, I was listening to MSNBC this morning and the entire panel was still peddling this crap. I wonder if they are hoping that if they say this over and over, people will actually believe it! What was interesting was that a female panelist actually said that maybe people won’t want to elect a black man again because these conversations on race just bother people. I’m only paraphrasing this but I have thought that too because I’m actually sick of hearing people say this on MSNBC over and over again and wish that there was a sane and articulate person who could say that the fact that Obama was elected is proof that the country is not racist.

Also I wish that someone there could possibly entertain the idea that people oppose Obama because of what Obama is doing. For example, Obama is flat out anti-catholic. Forcing Catholic institutions and Catholic businesses to pay for things considered “mortal sins” is despicable. Another example, Obama’s energy policy. Why do we let environmental wackos have so much influence? I’m all for safety but these people won’t let anything happen ever. It is wretched that we apparently have tons of energy and the government says that there isn’t a clean enough way to get it and on the other hand want us to use light bulbs with mercury in them that cost more than the safer and cheaper incandescent ones. And what about the wasted money that was spent on Solyndra? My heart goes out to the unemployed, the underemployed, food stamp recipients and the newly disabled. I’m betting if times were better some of these disabled would have jobs and be happy taxpayers. Lastly, I despise that Obama is growing the size of government and the influence of government in our lives. For crying out loud, government employees are feeling up citizens who fly to save us from terrorists. There has to be a more sensible way to save us from terrorists than how the TSA is treating the traveling public.

I may be “otherist,” but they’re “thisist,” and sometimes even lapse into “thatism.” It’s only a matter of time before we see “the-other-thingism.”

The media will do what it has always done. They will support Obama until Halloween. No matter how hard they try, they cannot alter the course of the 50 foot election tide wave. At that point, they will pretend they knew what the American people wanted from day one.

And then they will turn on the President.

    scooterjay in reply to GoldenAh. | August 26, 2012 at 8:23 am

    I’m expecting the media to chastize the public as “stupid following the wholesale refutation of the mainstream media post November 6 and trotting out the statistics of the “dumb” shows….think “honey boo boo” as proof we are dumb and need saving from ourselves.

Just another racial McCarthyist circle jerk for which MSNBC has become notorious.

The are imbeciles making the only argument imbeciles can make by using an epithet(racist) which has descended in effect to the playground taunt of “you’re a doody head”

Who knew that Ulysses S. Grant was a birther President too. I saw this yesterday on another blog discussing first sentences from books. From his autobiography: “My family is American, and has been for generations, in all its branches, direct and collateral.” How dare he be so American. 😉