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same as the old civility

same as the old civility

The new civility, that is.

From Linda in Tennessee, sent with the subject line “the new civility …”:

same as the old civility.

I went to Southern Hills Hospital [Nashville] to visit a friend and happened upon this gem in the parking lot.


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I’m sure the driver of this car doesn’t know that he is “bucked” just by voting for Obama in ’08.

Anti-Israel Bomber in Bulgaria Was Released From Gitmo

Buck Fush Buck OFama

My guess is that this is someone who has become disenchanted with BO, and just hasn’t removed the evidence of his/her poor critical thinking skills. Where is the Obama 2012 sticker, if the support is still there?


Heh! I am working at Southern Hills (as I do most days). Nice to know that there is a Fellow Traveler in the ways of William Jacobson here as well.