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Obama gets an ‘A’ for effort

Obama gets an ‘A’ for effort

It will take more than 4 years for the full effects of Obamanomics to be achieved.  But not for lack of trying.

From reader Rod:

Took this picture while driving with friends through Temple, Tx.


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Ah… Texas does us proud once again. Temple is about fifty miles north of Austin on I-35.

Eviction Day is approaching the sixty day mark and may it be a landslide!

A sticker on the bumper of life, it is.

As these type signs are seen around the country from billboard to car you gotta give the man credit for being good for the sign business. Throw in the Going out of Business and For Sale type signs and that part of the industry at least must be doing well.


So, he’s the: give me a “b” give me an “a” give me a “n” give me an “e”
It spells “bane”.

BO is the bane of America!

So give him a T-Ball trophy and send him home… The season is over and everyone is a winner, except the American public.