Whether the pick of Paul Ryan for Veep was a good pick or a bad pick or something in between is irrelevant at this point.

Ryan was the pick.

The left-wing writers and bloggers are all over it, portraying the pick as extremist and a cave to the Tea Party and far right, with plenty of personal vitriol directed at Ryan.  And they have help from David Frum, as usual.

There also are fairly obvious attempts to turn Republicans against each other, like this argument by Noam Schreiber of The New Republic, Just One Reason to Pick Ryan: Blame the Loss on Conservatives:

Ryan is the way Romney and his aides escape blame for their now-likely defeat—blame which would have vicious and unrelenting—and pin it in on conservatives instead. With only minor historical revisions, they will be able to tell a story about how Romney was keeping the race close through early August, at which point the party’s conservative darling joined the ticket and sent the poll numbers into steady decline.

There are people like Nate Silver who are trying to give a serious evaluation of the pick, but by and large the mainstream media and the upper-tier left-wing publications are piling on Ryan to bury the ticket.

(Take heart from analyses like this one from John Fund as to why the Dems should be worried.)

So what about Republicans and other Romney supporters who don’t think much of the pick?  What should they do?

How about this: Shut up.

No criticism you mount now can change anything, and you simply are piling on not just to bury Ryan but to bury Romney.

These are not policy positions where there is a gradation.  It’s all or nothing on the Ryan pick.

Your either are with Ryan or against him.  And if you’re against him publicly, then you’re with Obama.