% Reporting – 80.3
Akin – 36.3
Brunner – 29.8
Steelman – 29.2

11:10 p.m. Eastern — AP calls race for Akin

I don’t know much about Akin, but he apparently is the one McCaskill wanted to run against. Dems ran ads against Brunner to knock him down, but who knows if those made any difference. Akin was supported by Mike Huckabee’s PAC. This tweet pretty much summed up the feeling on the #mosen Twitter hashtag:

The Missouri Secretary of State has a good interactive map with results. Politico also has a results map which likely will update quicker based on AP reporting. A Twitter hashtag to follow is #mosen.

As of 9:20 p.m. Eastern, only 2% reporting, and it’s pretty much a dead heat.

The polls close in the hotly contested Republican primary in Missouri at 8 p.m. Eastern.

Whoever wins goes up against the highly vulnerable Claire McCaskill.  John Brunner is the favorite, but Sarah Steelman has received the endorsement of Sarah Palin.  The other contender is Rep. Todd Akin.

I will not follow the results minute by minute, but will update at meaningful intervals.