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Love-Bongino-Hinckley Money Bombs

Love-Bongino-Hinckley Money Bombs

The Love Bomb now has surpassed $200,000.

This provides an enormous boost to Mia Love’s campaign as it provides cash to fund the type of local effort that outside groups cannot by law do.  It still leaves her with only half the cash on hand as Democrat Jim Matheson.  The publicity from her RNC speech was priceless and should help close the name recognition gap.  If you have not donated yet, I encourage you to do so today.

Please also remember Dan Bongino in Maryland, endorsed yesterday by Sarah Palin who is encouraging a $51 for the 51st seat contribution (of course you could donate more).

Barry Hinckley in Rhode Island also could use the help.  He has committed to $500,000 in advertising in the Providence market (which basically covers the whole state), which should help make him more competitive against Sheldon Whitehouse.  The tactics being used against Hinckley are right out of the Dems scare book as a local branch of the loony Raging Grannies staged a protest outside a fundraiser this week hosted by Steve Forbes.

It’s Friday afternoon and you have nothing else to do.  Please help them out, I just did.


Donations tax deductible
to the full extent allowed by law.



Just a slip of a girl, with a 1,000 watt smile,
But her name’s now on everyone’s lips.
Though her speech was quite short, she showed grace, she showed style,
When she spoke “truth to power” that night.

She had come to Convention, to learn and to speak,
Most there never had heard her before.
Others thought her “provincial”; still others “too weak”,
But her presence you’ll no longer ignore.

She’s now Mayor of a town, but she runs for the House,
From a state oft’ maligned and despised.
But the patriots of Utah saw and endorsed her courage,
To refute Captive Media’s lies.

So we bid you assist this young “slip of a girl”,
With the heart of a champion within,
And contribute your time, funds, and prayers
To her cause; to assist her to garner the win.

Then, next year, if successful, you’ll be part of her team,
And you’ll know that you helped us stay free.
By electing the one some have nicknamed “Our Love”,
A clear voice in the new House to be.

8-29-12 No Rights Reserved.
“We love you Mia”. We support you. We will pray for you.

Done this afternoon while I was paying bills (along with some others).

Keep getting the word out.

I made six contributions of California dollars to various Republican candidates yesterday. Bongino was on my list, but when I went to his contribution site I saw the materials about the hat and shirt. I don’t want a hat or shirt; they would do no good here in California. Thus, I will wait until that promotion is over, and then I will contribute.
I will send some dollars now to Barry Hinckly.