As detailed here many times, there are just as many Jewish refugees from Arab countries as there are Arab refugees from Israel.  The Jewish refugess are the refugees whose name the United Nations dare not speak.

Israel finally is starting to put on the table the concept that if, as part of a final peace agreement, Arab refugees are compensated, so too should Jewish refugees

Via Ynet News:

The Arab media was up in arms this week over a plan spearheaded by Deputy Foreign Minister Danny Ayalon to hold a summit on the issue of Jewish refugees from Arab countries at the UN in September.

The summit’s main purpose is to push forward the matter of property rights of Jewish refugees who were forced to flee Arab countries after the establishment of the state of Israel and to turn the Jewish refugee issue into a bargaining chip which would make it clear that if the Palestinians voice demands for refugee compensation – demands would also be made from the Israeli side.

A bill in Congress is supporting this effort:

In a rare show of pre-election bipartisanship, lawmakers from both parties  are sponsoring a bill  that would link the plight of Palestinian refugees with that of Jews from Arab  countries.

The legislation would require the administration to include mention of the  need to resolve the issue of Jews who were expelled from their homes in Arab  countries in diplomatic discussions about Palestinian refugees. The bill  specifically cites talks that take place within the framework of the so-called  Middle East Quartet, made up of the United States, Russia, the European Union  and the U.N.

My guess is that Israeli position and the bill in Congress will have little impact on Obama administration policy, or the U.N.