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He may be documented, but he’s no worker

He may be documented, but he’s no worker

From reader Brian:

Seen at a stop light on Route 50, Maryland eastern shore.

A bit of birtherisim but I like the drill sticker.

Love the blog Professor.

I don’t think they’re questioning his birthplace, I think they’re saying it’s undocumented that he actually works.

Add up the golf days and the fundraising events, and I think they are onto something.


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Obama has documents, but like so many of his Obama family members living in the U.S., the documents are fake.

I like the “Wallet” bumper sticker. There is no doubt as to its meaning. A bumper sticker should not have to be explained.

The “drilling” sticker surely is true. This administration has done nothing for our wallet except to drain it where possible. Sorta like thieves in the night who drill out gas tanks to steal your gas.

I think that he’s pretty well documented when it comes to lying, obfuscating, whining and generally blaming someone else such as Bush. Funny how most of the democrat dirty tricks lead right back to the White House.

Hours of desperation that have grown into days and months…

Midwest Rhino | August 27, 2012 at 8:55 am

CNN just did an hour on Mitt and Ann, covering back to his childhood. I think they plan an hour on Obama next week.

Will they reveal his parents’ and grandparents socialism/communism? Will they reveal his relationship with his mentor through 12th grade, communist Frank Davis Marshall? Will they give his a pass on Rev. Wright, letting him claim he never heard Wright say those things?

Surely they will uncover his participation in the socialist New Party? Or his political start in Bill Ayers’ living room, or the tens of millions Ayers and he spent together from the Chicago Annenberg Challenge, after Ayers helped Obama onto the board. Or will they let him claim “Ayers was just a guy in the neighborhood”?

This video presents a lot of questionable background on Obama … well, almost everything about him is questionable. It’s not a birther video … but seems to present “facts” (accurate as far as I can tell) that would be disturbing to America if they knew Obama’s documented past.

Hope to see the movie “2016 Obama’s America” this week. Another great bumper sticker – keep ’em coming!

I refuse to wear the mantle “birther” just because I think the man is hiding something. See, folks, this is how they shame you into not speaking out – they start ridiculing anyone who thinks Obama is hiding something as a “birther.” I think he was probably born in Hawaii – maybe – there is also suspicion that he was born in Canada – the point is – there is NOTHING that definitively proves anything about the man. His kindergarten records are gone, for Pete’s sake. Every document that could place him somewhere is gone – poof – puff of smoke! And we all cower in the bushes so we won’t get called “birther!”

Obama is “undocumented” at many levels: birth, paternity, parents’ marriage records,college and law school transcripts, law license, and it goes on and on.

I am not a “birther”, but I am very, very curious.

Phillep Harding | August 27, 2012 at 4:40 pm

I want to know what he’s covering up with those doctored birth certs, and what he is covering up hiding the school records. Why the secretiveness?