Sean Hannity’s interview of Todd Akin this afternoon was very uncomfortable and unsettling.

Hannity pressed Akin just about every way he could, but he and Akin were ships passing in the night. (Partial transcripts here and here)

Notice at 19:00 of the audio when Akin refers to the PPP (troll) poll showing him up by a point and then seems surprised when Hannity tells him the poll oversampled Republicans, meaning that Akin almost certainly was not ahead in a sample that looked like the electorate.

So what to do?

Well, we’ll just have to win.”

The question in this context is how.

Move on and let the Dems attack him, which may backfire because virtually every Republican up for election has called on him to step aside? Maybe he’ll get lucky and stay close in the polls, and by election day everyone will be focused on Obama and McCaskill, with not much more damage done to other Republicans.

Or keep pressuring him, since the reality is Republicans could put someone else on the ballot if he withdraws by September 25?


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