I attended the Paul Ryan/Mitt Romney rally in Waukesha, WI, this past Sunday evening, where the crowd of nearly 10,000 mirrored other huge turnouts around the country.

There was a group of about 15 protesters, organized by SEIU, Obama for America, and MoveOn.org, lining the entrance to the rally, captured best in this video. What struck me most was the contrast between those outside (another video) and the atmosphere inside.

At least these Wisconsinites were overjoyed at the hometown pick. It almost felt as though Ryan was the one at the top of the ticket, and Romney was his VP. For a taste of how it felt, I put together some of my clips:

The soundtrack playing in the background was recorded live at the event and is the theme from “Air Force One,” which the Romney team chose as the official Ryan introduction music. It started to play as the campaign bus rolled up, and I think they picked well. It seemed to capture the gravity of both the “serious pick” and the serious task the Romney-Ryan has ahead of them, and was a contrast with the Kid Rock theme Romney has been using for his overall campaign.