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Exit right

Exit right

From commenter Calypso Facto:

Bumper stickers …. Or tailgate stickers, in this case.

As seen in DeForest, WI last week. Merging right!


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DeForest is (essentially) a far-northern suburb of Madistan. It has a noticeable concentration of State Gummint employees.

I like the “Merge Right”
But look at the left bumper…
“Green is the New Red”

Save America
Exit 2012
Sanity Avenue
Merge Right

I like the one on the left that says “Save a Baby – Adopt Obama”

Heh… “The life that you save might be your own.”

Right turns acceptable..

As a tax paying resident of De Forest, WI I can assure those sentiments are rare in these parts. *sigh* I’m so very lonely.