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(Democratic Party) Agitators to disrupt RNC

(Democratic Party) Agitators to disrupt RNC

How would the media react if we did this to the DNC?

Via The Hill:

Bucking protocol, President Obama and the Democrats are planning a full-scale assault on Republicans next week during their convention.

Presidential candidates have traditionally kept a low profile during their opponent’s nominating celebration, but Democrats are throwing those rules out the window in an attempt to spoil Mitt Romney’s coronation as the GOP nominee.

President Obama, Vice President Biden and leading congressional Democrats have all scheduled high-profile events next week to counter-program the Republican gathering in Tampa, Fla.

Even first lady Michelle Obama is in on the act, scheduling an appearance on the “David Letterman Show” smack in the middle of Romney’s nominating bash.

Your modern Democratic Party, no class just crass.


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Saul Alinsky lives!

theduchessofkitty | August 23, 2012 at 5:37 pm

The Ulstermann Report issued that warning a couple of days ago.

I know it’s always a worry that the MSM is carrying water for the Democrats but if the demonstrations turn ugly and people are hurt, any coverage of that type of incident will turn the last of the independant vote away from Obama.

On another note, I know 2 professionals who were’pink-slipped’, in the last week. I fear the economy is worse than they are letting on. It’s shocking they lost their jobs.

This could easily turn into an extended “Wellstone Memorial” moment for the Democrats.

They just can’t help themselves.

I’d love to see Sarah Palin get on her bus and drive around Charlotte, N.C., having rally’s everyday

Isaac may rain on everyone’s parade!

The GOP should just bag the whole event and spend the money and time doing worthwhile campaigning. I’m a lifelong Republican and don’t pay attention to the convention. We know the outcome and know the media isn’t going to give worthwhile coverage. Why bother with the whole thing?

I do agree that if things get out-of-hand it could make the Dems look bad…I wouldn’t mind that too much : )

“How would the media react if we did this to the DNC?”
Maybe we should. Since we’re going first…if they decide to not follow tradition and make asses out of themselves, perhaps we should crash their party. I’m just tired of taking it.

    It will never happen but a post-convention major campaign stadium appearance where a couple of former governors from opposite ends of the country made nice – particularly if it occurred exactly when something boring was going on over at the DNC gig – maybe like a liar speachafying from a teleprompter for the three thousandth time – man, that would put so many prog shorts in a bunch even the Hanes and Fruit-of-the-Loom factories couldn’t keep up.

The d-cRAT stooges and puppets in the socialist media are desperate to find ANYTHING that will provide them an excuse to avoid broadcasting anything from the Repub convention – so they will welcome anything from OBOZO’s gutter-campaign that they can use to replace the RNC material.

MaggotAtBroadAndWall | August 23, 2012 at 6:10 pm

Huckabee tells the truth about the GOP poltical gang rape of Akin.

It sounds like what I speculated happened in an earlier comment is close to reality. It was an orchestrated, systemic attack. Huck has the courage to finger John Cornyn as part of the dispicable mob that instigated it.

    Please stop with that “gang rape” crap.

    That is just so over the top, and frankly inept.

    Akin screwed himself and the conservative movement. And still is.

      persecutor in reply to Ragspierre. | August 23, 2012 at 7:04 pm

      100% correct, Rags.

      You said it, Rags.

      If Obama ekes out a narrow win, the likely culprit will be a RINO Establishment that did not speak plainly to the voters about what the Left is doing. If Obama wins decisively, the likely culprit will be Real Conservative™ extremists who alienated the voters. In between those two groups are the leaders and activists who have a good shot to send Barry back to academia, where he can collaborate with Elizabeth Warren on a book explaining the intellectual foundations of OWS.

      Henry Hawkins in reply to Ragspierre. | August 23, 2012 at 8:29 pm

      Wait a minute, you mean you didn’t get a call from Karl Rove telling you what you thought about Akin’s slight little one word gaffe? I mean, that’s the argument – those of us who recognize a moron when we see one in Akin can’t possibly have arrived at that assessment on our own. I didn’t know what to think till I got my call…

    Huckabee is a pro life Democrat and I do not care what that piece of crap says about Akin, who brought this ALL ON HIMSELF when he fell into the trap WILLINGLY and is too arrogant and egotistical to just drop out. Huckabee needs to have his speaking slot at the convention dropped for still supporting Akin. He is now supporting the Claire McCaskill and her reelection, so he should wait a week to speak at the Democrat convention since they both agree that Clairebear needs to stay in office.

    Dingleberry always trys to get the lead when hes actually the [email protected]@@in the punchbowl.

    By ignorning the Tea Party popular choice he contributed to this mess

    BUT…this November the choice is

    NC Mountain Girl in reply to MaggotAtBroadAndWall. | August 24, 2012 at 12:48 am

    As Stacy McCain noted today, you can’t spell Huckabee without the “F”. Hucks’s contributions to the party would leave space leftover in a thimble. He plays into ever media stereotype of undereducated and overly religious Republican rubes while he contributes a huge zilch in grass roots effectiveness.

I am amazed how far the Democrats have lowered the bar for civil discourse in this country and all for a thoughtless, unoriginal, puppet of a President.

Even Nixon didn’t stoop as low as this despicable and immoral person occupying the President’s office.

He has lessened and demeaned everything he’s been associated with. Every recommendation or policy he’s made or had a hand in has been a failure. The few things he’s “won” at have been wrought by others. He preens and puffs himself up at other’s expense every chance he gets yet amazingly deserves none of it.

We should never elect anyone again without a thorough and public examination. If they refuse to be examined then no vote.

I would venture to say that this is O’s idea since he did things like this during his dampaign. I hope that it backfires on them big time.

I hope the Dems hire a bunch of Occupiers to raise hell. Decent independents need to see the vile scum once again. “God bless them,” said Nancy Pelosi.

They are Stalinists and this is what Stalinists do.

Just wait until after the election. It will be Occupy types seizing town halls and “continuing the revolution.”

I just wonder who will be on the receiving end of all those hollow-point rounds the government bought recently.

Remember what RP said earlier about comments that Old Joe was going to go to convention. Reince – hit back twice as hard

Michelle’s appearing on Letterman during the RNC? Maybe a “just a journalist” could ask her whether ahe has any compunctions about appearing with a lowlife who thinks nothing of inserting Sarah Palin’s young daughters in sex jokes–like, would it be ok for Letterman to crack a joke about Sasha ducking the SS to get some birth control pills at PP? I can think of some hilarious punch lines with “akin” and “legitimate.”

Maybe Michelle “don’t call me Worf” Obama can review some of the fascinating “techniques” she learned while guest-editing on the “sex tips from prostitutes” website.

The cast of characters for next week’s Dem side show- DWS, Clyburn, Biden, et al., is so repulsive, I can’t see the downside. Have any of those three ever appeared anywhere without making gargantuan gaffes of their own?

    Estragon in reply to Moonbeam. | August 23, 2012 at 11:33 pm

    Which is exactly why we should discourage any retaliatory posturing. Send Priebus and Sununu to be our media reps (they always have a couple from the other party come into the booth and comment), and let the Democrats speak for themselves.

    They are our best salespeople. Our ads that week should be dry and factual, relating the actual record of Obama and his party.

This is easy to turn on them:

1-Do not let Biden in if he shows up. If he does show up with a ticket, have speakers make jokes about him. He will likely be surrounded by sycophantic reporters, aiding in his strange appearance — THROW THEM OUT.
2-If Michelle Obama goes on Letterman during the convention, have one of the speakers, make jokes about it.

Put Allen West in any role Boehner might have at the convention, and put Boehner in charge of the parking lot. If there is not parking lot, throw him out with Biden’s reporters.

theduchessofkitty | August 23, 2012 at 7:57 pm

Pat Caddell had a few choice words for The One last night, on Hannity.

“The president is running the real risk, every time you keep lowering the standard, breaking tradition — this is Chicago politics. We don’t care, we are going to disrupt your convention. For all the times we have had conventions, we have honored the idea in politics, you have yours, we have ours; then we engage a campaign. They’re taking down all of this, just like the president’s campaign; he has been the most negative personal campaigner in the oval office — ever, ever,”

Remember Caddell was the one Carter pollster who saw the 1980 Reagan Tsunami coming in all its destructive force… which Carter ignored, to his detriment.

We’ve seen this before and its pathetic, channel stuffing!
-he can’t put up any decent numbers because he’s got a product nobody’s buying.

Relax and enjoy yourselves.
Obama overreached and the pendulum is gonna swing back and smack him in the forehead.

Henry Hawkins | August 23, 2012 at 8:32 pm

I hope the Dems make an ugly spectacle of themselves during the GOP convention, and then Romney/Ryan make public pleas that GOP-ers and conservatives treat the Dem convention with respect. Another excellent way to draw the contrast between RR & Obama – and adults versus children.

    Moonbeam in reply to Henry Hawkins. | August 23, 2012 at 11:00 pm

    Sorry- sounds like McCain to me. Better to say nothing.

    NC Mountain Girl in reply to Henry Hawkins. | August 24, 2012 at 1:05 am

    Do you know how hornets became associated with the city of Charlotte? After the fall of Charleston during the American Revolution General Cornwallis attempted to use Charlotte as his headquarters for subjugation of the Carolina backwoods and the invasion on North Carlina in route to Virginia. Cornwallis fled the place declaring it was a damned nest of rebel hornets.

    This is not friendly country for big city Democrats like Obama. While the city is nominally Democrat Republican Pat McCrory, the prohibitive favorite to be the next governor of North Carolina. served as mayor of Charlotte from 1989 until 2005. The surrounding area is largely pro life, anti union and patriotic. If they wanted a convention in North Carolina the Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill may be been more simpatico.

I had a class last year with the kid who brought Molotov cocktails to the RNC convention in 2008. He was a very confused kid. Hated the gov’t, but was a Communist.

Of course, in Austin he was considered a hero.

God, I miss Breitbart.

No fear, my Conservative and Republican friends. The Democrats are running their third (at best) string, and all their best players are going to stand around and eat popcorn.

The reason that this is going to happen is because this administration doesn’t even come close to living up to Liberal ideals, and it’s not even within striking distance of ordinary competence.

The MSM is going to pretend that there isn’t even a convention, and that’s fine, too. There’s a reason why newspaper circulation continues to drop, and why CNN is a dismal third to FOX.

The dirty little secret the Democrats at the national level are trying to hide is, that the Conservatives are busy preserving the great, traditional values of America: freedom and opportunity for all our people. This is hugely different from the Conservatives of other countries, who tried to preserve special rights on the part of royalty and the nobility, class and caste systems, and the treatment of women as property.

Classical Liberals value American Conservatives. This is something that the red diaper baby in the White House does not understand.

“How would the media react if we did this to the DNC?”

Let’s find out.

    Liberty in reply to punfundit. | August 23, 2012 at 10:30 pm

    No, lets not do it — we should stay classy. Class might not win the sprint, but it does win the long race and this is what we are fighting for. Wouldn’t you agree?

      punfundit in reply to Liberty. | August 24, 2012 at 10:16 am

      There is no reason we cannot protest the Dem convention. It’s political speech.

      We do not need to do it in the same *manner* as the left, but we can certainly protest the political powerhouse that is the Democratic Party.

huskers-for-palin | August 23, 2012 at 10:26 pm

There is one benefit of Hurricane Isacc: the OWS protesters will finally get a bath!!!

Does anyone remember the ’68 dem convention in Chicago? There were riots by the SDS and the Chicago Police responded by cracking some heads. Who won the Presidential election in ’68? Richard Milhouse Nixon. Could there be a connection between the riots and the rejection of those tactics by the electorate? Isn’t that what is playing out today?

    el polacko in reply to Towson Lawyer. | August 24, 2012 at 12:21 am

    we have a quite different media now that is likely to highlight any protests as evidence of an electorate that rejects the republican party’s positions.

      Henry Hawkins in reply to el polacko. | August 24, 2012 at 10:33 am

      The TV media was the same then, even worse, in terms of liberal bias because of the big three: ABC, CBS, NBC, powerful and dominant because they were the only three essentially. Their bias went unchecked because it wasn’t recognized as such – few people were pointing it out. There was no internet, of course, no conservative blogs, no cable, no Fox News, and the primary conservative outlets were highbrow, well-read, but not widely read by the middle class: Wall Street Journal and the National Review.

Does everyone realize how infantile the Obama clique is, from Obama himself, to the media, to Elizabeth Warren, all the way down to his ‘Occupy idiot’ supporters?

The trick is that bratty infants are easy to discipline — unless you’re a weak-kneed progressive parent who spoils their children rotten to the point of destroying their chances for happiness. Or if you’re John Boehner.

Treat them like bad children and give them tough love.

Here’s how you react to a bratty infant who was elected president:

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Anyone that visits the site knows there is nothing in their site, language, pics, or anything that could violate the terms of service. The only thing they do is research every nook and cranny of Barry’s life.

Two other sites at wordpress are frozen on the same page but not terminated like wtpotus — The Conservative Treehouse/Last Refuge and Polination. Both sites share a history.

Is IT beginning? Really?

Cameo appearances by Dems during a hurricane, this should prove very interesting. Last time I checked most Floridians have enough sense NOT to attend outdoor public events during a hurricane, EVEN Floridians who are Democrats… I predict lots of narrow angle shots to make a room of 10 staffers look like a gathering of a 100. /snark/