It seems to me that Barack Obama and many Congressional Democrats could learn a valuable lesson from little Veruca Salt.

Don’t be a bad egg.

Listening to all of Veruca’s demands is like reading through the dismal 2013 Obama budget, line by line. (Recall that his budget failed by a margin of 0-414 in the House)

Having added over $5 trillion to the national debt in less than one term, its clear that President Obama adopted the Veruca Salt spending plan for the country. He should just come clean with the voters and be honest. In fact, I’ve already got his first campaign ad ready to go.

I think the hard working Oompa-Loompas attempting to stop the tower of boxes from falling over in the wake of Veruca’s destruction offers a particularly accurate analogy.

Don’t worry, I’m probably not even going to charge him anything for it. I know how he likes free stuff.


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