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The Emergency Broadcast System has been activated

The moment has arrived.  College Insurrection is live!

Your registrations should be good there, but if you encounter any problems, post in the comments here.

Now would be a really good time for you to go over and check it out, then come back and tell me how much you love it.

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So much to read; so little time.
Congratulations . . .

Joan Of Argghh | August 22, 2012 at 9:34 am

Nice place ya got here. Could use some Chianti bottle candles and some throw-pillows, but yeah. This is awesome!

9thDistrictNeighbor | August 22, 2012 at 9:40 am

Congratulations, Professor! So full of content already…it’s great. I wish I had had such a resource back in the dark ages when I was in college/graduate school; my time there would have been much more productive….

Good choice of maroon, there, Prof.

Aggies will feel at home.

And, yeah, I love it. Looks like another winner to me.

Sent my college Freshman the link on Facebook.

quiksilverz24 | August 22, 2012 at 10:24 am

Maybe an android chrome thing, but the buttons on the side are a little in the way when zoomed in to read.

I notice that your first post was at 2:00 am…..too excited to sleep were you?

I would be too – CollegeInsurrection is AWESOME! 🙂

JimMtnViewCaUSA | August 22, 2012 at 10:49 am


Nice color scheme, Central Michigan University would approve.

This Bud’s for you, Wm. good site.

It’s alive!! It’s alive!!

Fantastico! Excelente! Y Muy Bueno!

I did read the entire excellent article about Brown. I will be a frequent reader of articles on CI.

Wonderful, I am taking my baby to move-in day for freshmen on Saturday. I am going to make sure he and a few friends get the link. The site looks fantastic, great work.

Left a comment on the higher ed story I wrote on how learner outcomes pressure to make degree granting equitable threatens to turn all degrees into paper credentials.

The accreditors leverage comes from that not being well-known. So let’s get away from social engineering and back to the transmission of knowledge by making that better known.

I have a freshman to deliver to campus soon. Will let her know to spread the word.

College Insurrection…
… an offshoot of Professor Jacobson’s Legal Insurrection.

“Insurrection” — a brand. (Like “Occupy”?)



Maybe I’m biased, maybe overly sensitive, but-

I took offense she equated you with #OWS, and was an intentional dig-

I should leave it at that.

I have sent this info on to my pertinate sources Prof. Some of them will be PO’d. Thank you of the opportunity. Godspeed to C.I.

I keep trying to link CI on my blogroll, but it just keeps diverting back to LI. WTF? (I’m on Blogger, running their blogroll app if it matters.)

I have a ‘Share of Facebook’ button on my toolbar… yours doesn’t work. But I DID share it on Facebook, and all the Church Camp kids I worked with this summer have now been exposed. I won’t comment over there, let the College kids build their own community and all… but prepare yourself for some tough questions. 😉

This is gonna be fun…

Looks great! Have added it to my A List bookmarks!

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No problems logging in at College Insurrection. New site looks great too.

For the sake of minor convenience — could you add a link to College Insurrection at the header/top of this website — and vice versa at College Insurrection?


InformationProf | August 22, 2012 at 3:33 pm

this is a great thing. I am a professor at a large university who is conservative. Even though I am tenured, there is significant risk in expressing my views….but this is a site about the students and it is wonderful they can share ideas and find ways to bring back intellectual freedom to campuses….

    I used to have the same problem. But my trepidation had to be considered on every single website I ever commented on. So much to add and say — but couldn’t for fear of career reprisal(s). Or — it had to be so carefully worded and/or watered down that I was practically ashamed of myself for kowtowing to ‘political correctness to the exclusion of the truth’.

    Then — I honorably retired — 11-months ago after 25-yrs 😎

    No. More. Chains.

    muahahahahaaaa 😈

    Henry Hawkins in reply to InformationProf. | August 22, 2012 at 7:56 pm

    You realize this is a fake blog deployed to entrap the few remaining conservative minded university professors, right?

    Nanolibs are crawling through the internet as you read this, seeking out your true identification…….

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