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Where’s Rick? A rebuttal

Where’s Rick? A rebuttal

This is a GUEST POST, at my invitation, by commenter Karen Sacandy in response to my post Where’s Rick? 


Criticism has been leveled at Sen. Rick Santorum, that he’s not doing  enough for  Gov. Romney to defeat  Obama.  From my vantage point, that view misses a lot.

Political junkies are a small percentage of total voters, and right now, a lot of voters are on vacation.  Journalists play minor things up but they have air time to fill.  What Rick Santorum does in September and October will be of greater importance than what he’s doing in the dog days of summer.    Even Gov. Romney took a vacation.  Remember this?

We also don’t know what’s going on behind the scenes.  As of now, Sen. Santorum hasn’t been given a speaking spot at the Republican convention, while those in the know say Gov. Chris Christie has been given the keynote speaking slot.  Governor Christie was deferred to the Romney campaign, declined to confirm it.  The selection of Gov. Christie makes it appear Gov. Romney is sticking with “moderates,” and may not want Sen. Santorum in the picture.  Sen. Santorum clearly draws vicious fire from the intolerant left and its media enablers, whose tool of choice is to ask questions about side issues, such as contraception. 

His ability to give support with higher visibility is limited by whether he receives media invitations. When he’s had an opportunity to voice support for Gov. Romney, he’s done quite well.  On ABC News’ Sunday show with Stephanopoulous in June, he supported Gov. Romney, and refuted Obama’s argument on the benefits of hiring more school teachers and firemen.  On the Patriot Voices website, he criticizes the Obamacare decision and Obama.  On Patriot Voices’ Facebook page, he does a daily entry entitled “Obama’s Abuse of Power.” Thus far, he’s criticized Obama’s refusal to lift the oil drilling moratorium in the gulf and his decision to unilaterally change immigration law. 

Congressional races are of far greater urgency, noted with particular zeal in a well-known and respected blog here.  In red states, these are usually de facto elections.  With the senate,  we know what we have to do.  He’s been active in these races.  In early May, shortly after exiting the presidential race, he endorsed Richard Mourdock against Sen. Lugar.  He then endorsed Ted Cruz in Texas against Lt. Gov. Dewhurst.  He’s endorsed Mark Meadows for the North Carolina House District 11, and Ben Lang and John Archer in Iowa.  On his Facebook page, he’s put up links to theirs.  He’s fairly active on Twitter, supporting all the right people and ideas.  I’d say he’s clued in on “Operation Counterweight.”

Besides the presidential race, he’s paying attention to the bigger picture, which is our culture, writing a new book about unsung heroes from the Revolutionary War.   He’s also embraced the hard work of finding real-world solutions to our problems, in this case, helping moms to donate their newborns’  cord blood to treat disease.

 He’s busy doing what he thinks is right for America, and it’s important to appreciate and encourage allies such as him, because our enemies want nothing more than to chase them from the fight.   We can’t expect anyone to carry on when we criticize endlessly and fail to give them the moral support they’ve earned, while they endure insults and worse from a vicious left.


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Well done, Professor.

Well done, Karen.

This type of interaction will keep this blog going strong.

Why should any former candidate be compelled to “support” Romney? Had Romney not won the nomination, his surrogates would be sabotaging whoever had gotten the nomination, telling us all how stupid we conservatives were for choosing someone “unelectable”.

That any of the candidates have done anything positive at all shows more sportsmanship than Mitt and his gang of career politicos would have shown.

I won’t go so far as to vote for Obama, but Romney is getting neither my money nor my vote. Obama and a GOP House and Senate is the least worst outcome this November.

    Browndog in reply to SeanInLI. | July 23, 2012 at 5:27 pm


    Ideally, who would you vote for?

    Just wonderin’

      GrumpyOne in reply to Browndog. | July 23, 2012 at 5:34 pm

      Browndog… Some folks are just plain sore losers.

      I was for Romney as soon as Cain dropped out. There was no way I wanted to support yet another career politician.

      The Romney campaign is doing fine is positioned right where they should be at this point. Consider that he is being outspent by Obama and yet the polls continue to remain close to the margin of error.

      I’m fully satisfied that we’ll have a happy ending in November when the administration is given the boot…

    Ragspierre in reply to SeanInLI. | July 23, 2012 at 5:39 pm

    ***Had Romney not won the nomination, his surrogates would be sabotaging whoever had gotten the nomination, telling us all how stupid we conservatives were for choosing someone “unelectable”.***

    Of course, that is rank speculation.

    Why should Sanctorum (who I regard as a big government guy) support Romney?

    Simply and solely because he understands that a second Obama term would be the death of not only ideals, but living Americans.

    Seems like a good reason to me.

    PhillyGuy in reply to SeanInLI. | July 23, 2012 at 8:01 pm

    After McCain won the nomination, Romney was a strong supporter of the ticket.

    Santorum would never do that.

    Benson II in reply to SeanInLI. | July 24, 2012 at 11:07 am

    Gingrich was the only person with the plans, knowledge and naked courage it would take to put us back on the right path immediately and I supported him to the end. I was not happy Romney is the nominee. But my unhappiness and opinion that Newt was the better candidate can’t be my main priority now. The main priority of every voter should be to rid ourselves of Obama and try to save the country we love for ourselves and our children. Electing Romney will be a start in that direction. Romney’s election is only the beginning not the end of our fight.

Posted that to the tip line a week ago.

As with a lot of things (non-supremacists Muslims, for instance), we sometimes make the mistake of believing if we don’t see it in our favorite media, it ain’t happening.

    1. Yes, Rags, I vaguely remembered. Thanks for the reminder.

    2. After rancorous primaries, the conservative coalition has been holding together better than I expected. Since defeating Obama is the overriding goal, to spotlight a contentious figure like Santorum can do more harm than good.

    IMHO the ‘Where’s Rick?’ post was potentially inflammatory. IMHO it would have been better to delete it than to keep the topic alive via a rebuttal.

      Ragspierre in reply to gs. | July 23, 2012 at 6:13 pm

      Naw. More is better when information is concerned. Debate is healthy. Apple pie is good…

      Sorry, the cliche monster bit me…

      But, really; I think getting some of this pieson sucked out is good.

Romney did not sabotage McCain when he won. Romney backed down, gave a speech as the convention and waited. I assume the same for Santorum. I doubt he wants to sabotage Romney and will help if asked. Really, what effective help is Santorum going to provide right now?

“…while those in the know say Gov. Chris Christie has been given the keynote speaking slot..”

GREAT !!!! That means this PRO-AMNESTY FOR ILLEGALS, PRO-ABORTION, PRO-MAN-MADE GLOBULL WARMING HOAX, PRO-GUN-CONTROL, DOESN’T WORRY ABOUT SHARIA LAW…and has many other positions too despicable to mention… RINO LEFTIST will NOT be Romney’s VP choice causing Romney to lose. Fantastic !

Until Romney stops talking about “investing in education” and stops his efforts to prepare states for ObamaCare while promising to repeal it, and other things (how about tossing conservatives even ONE bone?!?!?!), he has no right to expect conservatives to support him. How about telling his SuperPac to stop sending money to Dewhurst e.g.! At least remain neutral! That is exactly how CA ended up having Meg Whitman as the GOP alternative to the most unpopular politician in the state in Jerry Brown and lost.

Romney knows he doesn’t need conservative support. There is no way he will lose in November. The polls always show the race being close. I live in a very liberal state and I assure you that Obama has lost most of his luster even here in CA. So it is important for conservatives to drop the Obama Derangement Syndrome and start fighting for conservative principles right now. Romney is NOT the antidote for Obama.

    If history has taught us anything (George W. Bush comes immediately to mind) it is that establishment Republicans cannot be trusted. You getting them to act conservative is like getting 10 year olds to clean their rooms and do chores.

    Sometimes you have to take them to the woodshed.

      Browndog in reply to EBL. | July 23, 2012 at 6:44 pm

      Pretty sure no one in government is to be trusted.

      Pretty sure the Founders figured that out from day 1.

      Pretty sure we’ll get the government we deserve come November.

      Pretty sure my “fan” will give me a thumbs down the second he/she spots my avatar.

    heimdall in reply to Pasadena Phil. | July 23, 2012 at 10:23 pm

    I HATED Romney during the primary season mostly because of what he was doing to everyone else who challenged him and because I was deathly afraid of a McCain Redux. I wanted to have anyone else since I suspected that he would run the same tired milquetoast campaign that every stupid establishment republican runs every freaking time. It sucks that every candidate who came to the front of the pack exploded. Our guys this time were not ready for prime time.

    However to my amazement, most of the crap he slung at the conservative candidates is now directed squarely at Obama and his democrats. Mccain was HORRIBLE at this, and Mitt is taking his gloves off and untying his hands. He is attacking Obama with his own words while staying on his message. That is one thing that he knows how to do well and it is very hard to dislodge him from what he wants to talk about. He seems to have absorbed the teflon coating that Obama had during the 2008 campaign and everything the media and Obama people are throwing at him is reflecting back at them doing damage to their own side. They are making gaffe after gaffe and one mistake after another. They are spending nearly 30% more than what they are taking in and still just neck and neck with him. It is simply amazing.

    But, we can’t trust him. At All. We need to be watching him like hawks and making sure that he stays within the lines, because given free will, he will veer left. The primary was good for one thing, it strengthened the republican nominee and showed that Mitt Romney will bend to conservatives under pressure. I am interested to see what he does with the power he gets. But again, I do not trust him and I will not be cheerleader for the republican party. They will be given the reigns one last time, and they better get it right, or this party is done.

My impression after so many years of challenging the GOP mainstream/establishment is that winning the presidency is of no concern because no matter who gets elected, they’re more interested in growing the Federal government and reducing liberty in the misguided belief that working with Democrats will assure them a ‘place at the table’ when the goodies are passed around (ie, Solyndra style).

The recent denial of a speaking slot for Ron Paul at the national convention is just one more reason for libertarian and tea party types to turn their back on the Democrat-lite party of the GOP. I’ll work to elect conservatives to the CO legislature and Congress before I’ll ever support the values and efforts of the national GOP.

To clarify my post from earlier, Santorum should do exactly what Romney did in 2008 (I linked a youtube) and what Newt did last month…

Here is the video again of Romney’s endorsement…which is what Rick should do immediately.

Seems like a lot of excuses for sitting on the sidelines at the most dangerous moment of nation’s history. Similarly, no one could find him during the passing of ObamaCare, TARP or Stimulus. In fact, a week removed from Stimulus with not a GOP congressman voting for it – Rick wanted to TALK ABOUT THE MOVIES! –

Tired of apologies and excuses. Meanwhile – Newt Gingrich has written an e-book on what to do about ObamaCare NOW!! – (

“The republic is at stake,” Santorum told a crowd gathered in the hot and cramped Victory Center, many of them wiping their brows. “One man is who we have to put our trust in to go out and fight that battle, and win that battle. And we must rally behind and do everything we possibly can to support Gov. Mitt Romney so he’s the next president of the United States.”

Funny. That seems like a pretty clear endorsement to me…

Criticism has been leveled…

I’ve found that some conservatives get all whiny and defensive whenever anyone dares level criticism… just as Liberals do.

I’ll echo the first comment from Browndog with:

Kudos to the Professor for offering the lady the opportunity and space to reply.

And to Karen, for myself, I think a little better of Mr Santorum now that you’ve enlightened us. Thank you.

[…] Legal Insurrection, there is a very good rebuttal by Karen Sacandy to William Jacobson’s claim that Rick Santorum has not been doing enough to […]

I sit here wondering why anyone cares what Saint Ricky does or does not do. Those of us who honestly evaluated the severe difference between Santorum’s words and deeds in his years in politics and in the primary battle just concluded had written him off a long time ago.

He lied, stretched the truth if you like, about Mitt and Newt. I cannot forgive him for his dishonesty. I used to think that Mitt’s truth-bending was unbecoming of his religious background but now I have come to believe that Santorum’s religion was all for show and for that reason, was worse.

Rumor has it that Santorum’s new book, “American Patriots: Answering The Call” is a project involving Lynn Vincent, Sarah Palin’s “Going Rouge” ghoster. If this is true, Ricky’s job is done and she is filling in the words.

As for Rick giving the keynote at the convention, I can only hope that that does not happen. We do not need an unconvincing sermon. Chris Christie is also a bad choice because the conservative base is being abused yet again. I would vote for Sarah as keynoter.

Why would Romney want a phony social and fiscal conservative like Santorum speeching. Santorum supporters still haven’t taken the time to look at Santorums actual record. Even though Romney wasn’t my pick my relief is overwhelming we don’t have Santorum. Santorum not only fooled the voters he’s fooled himself into believing his own rhetoric. His foot in mouth disease would have already been enough to give Obama an advantage. If I never have to hear another word from Santorum it will be to soon.

One thing I have noticed is the amount of behind-the-scenes backstabbing that Republicans normally do seems to have died out to a great extent since Mitt cinched the nomination. The MSM are normally *more* than happy to run with even the most insignificant Republican taking a swing at his/her fellow Republicans (Something McCain has taken advantage of for many years). Could it be the Republicans have learned their lesson about backstabbing being a bad idea, or is the Media restraining themselves (Hey, it could happen).

InRussetShadows | July 24, 2012 at 5:33 pm

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – whatever Rick wants to do, let him do it. Stop thinking like collectivists! It does not matter whether he, as a private individual, supports Romney or not. We are not mindless ants who will vote for someone just because someone else endorses him. He is under no compulsion to do ANYTHING to help Romney. Judging by some of the responses here, he’s not welcome anyways. But arguing about Santorum is really a proxy for the real issue: conservative, values-oriented voters don’t trust Mitt. That’s right. We don’t and we won’t (although his journey towards being pro-life does seem to be genuine). So keep talking about one man in the battle as though the whole battle was about him. It’s not. We’ll find someone else next year, and the year after, and the year after that, known or unknown; we’ll be back to raise the issues of abortion, euthanasia, homosexual rights, the right to life, freedom of worship and so on every election until the end of time. Are you uncomfortable yet?