This is a GUEST POST, at my invitation, by commenter Karen Sacandy in response to my post Where’s Rick? 


Criticism has been leveled at Sen. Rick Santorum, that he’s not doing  enough for  Gov. Romney to defeat  Obama.  From my vantage point, that view misses a lot.

Political junkies are a small percentage of total voters, and right now, a lot of voters are on vacation.  Journalists play minor things up but they have air time to fill.  What Rick Santorum does in September and October will be of greater importance than what he’s doing in the dog days of summer.    Even Gov. Romney took a vacation.  Remember this?

We also don’t know what’s going on behind the scenes.  As of now, Sen. Santorum hasn’t been given a speaking spot at the Republican convention, while those in the know say Gov. Chris Christie has been given the keynote speaking slot.  Governor Christie was deferred to the Romney campaign, declined to confirm it.  The selection of Gov. Christie makes it appear Gov. Romney is sticking with “moderates,” and may not want Sen. Santorum in the picture.  Sen. Santorum clearly draws vicious fire from the intolerant left and its media enablers, whose tool of choice is to ask questions about side issues, such as contraception. 

His ability to give support with higher visibility is limited by whether he receives media invitations. When he’s had an opportunity to voice support for Gov. Romney, he’s done quite well.  On ABC News’ Sunday show with Stephanopoulous in June, he supported Gov. Romney, and refuted Obama’s argument on the benefits of hiring more school teachers and firemen.  On the Patriot Voices website, he criticizes the Obamacare decision and Obama.  On Patriot Voices’ Facebook page, he does a daily entry entitled “Obama’s Abuse of Power.” Thus far, he’s criticized Obama’s refusal to lift the oil drilling moratorium in the gulf and his decision to unilaterally change immigration law. 

Congressional races are of far greater urgency, noted with particular zeal in a well-known and respected blog here.  In red states, these are usually de facto elections.  With the senate,  we know what we have to do.  He’s been active in these races.  In early May, shortly after exiting the presidential race, he endorsed Richard Mourdock against Sen. Lugar.  He then endorsed Ted Cruz in Texas against Lt. Gov. Dewhurst.  He’s endorsed Mark Meadows for the North Carolina House District 11, and Ben Lang and John Archer in Iowa.  On his Facebook page, he’s put up links to theirs.  He’s fairly active on Twitter, supporting all the right people and ideas.  I’d say he’s clued in on “Operation Counterweight.”

Besides the presidential race, he’s paying attention to the bigger picture, which is our culture, writing a new book about unsung heroes from the Revolutionary War.   He’s also embraced the hard work of finding real-world solutions to our problems, in this case, helping moms to donate their newborns’  cord blood to treat disease.

 He’s busy doing what he thinks is right for America, and it’s important to appreciate and encourage allies such as him, because our enemies want nothing more than to chase them from the fight.   We can’t expect anyone to carry on when we criticize endlessly and fail to give them the moral support they’ve earned, while they endure insults and worse from a vicious left.