On July 25, 2011, the Federal Court of Appeals ruled that the TSA must act “promptly” to hold a public comment period and adopt rules and regulations regarding its use of body scanners in U.S. airports.

Nearly a year later, the TSA has yet to comply with the ruling and hold a public comment period. From Wired Magazine:

The three-judge appellate court, which is one stop from the Supreme Court, said that the Transportation Security Administration breached federal law in 2009 when it formally adopted the Advanced Imaging Technology (AIT) scanners as the “primary” method of screening. The judges — while allowing the scanners to be used — said the TSA violated the Administrative Procedures Act for failing to have a 90-day public comment period, and ordered the agency to undertake one.

A year later, the government has yet to hold those hearings. And the appellate court has twice denied motions from the Electronic Privacy Information Center, which brought the case, to order the TSA to get going.

Apparently, rather than complying with the law, the TSA has been busy setting up a blog to counter claims the public makes against it. Recently, it put up a rebuttal to a deaf passenger’s claim that they had been (allegedly) harassed while going through security.


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