Bulgarian authorities released airport surveillance video of the suicide bomber who attacked the bus of Israeli tourists yesterday.

Via Times of Israel:

Bulgarian police have released a short video they say is of the suicide bomber responsible for Wednesday’s terror attack on a tour bus full of Israeli citizensat the airport in Burgas, Bulgaria.

The Bulgarian news agency Sofia reported that the bomber was carrying an American passport and Michigan driver’s license. Both documents are believed to be forgeries.

Sofia also reported that the Bulgarian Interior Ministry has managed to recover the fingerprints of the bomber, which they have submitted to the FBI in the United States and the international police organization Interpol. The FBI and CIA have joined Israeli and Bulgarian officials in investigating the attack.

Interior Minister Tsvetan Tsvetanov told Sofia that DNA tests would be run to determine the identity of the Caucasian man, who the minister described as casually dressed with nothing suspicious about his appearance to set him apart from the crowd of people at the airport.

The ministry did not indicate how the police came to the conclusion that the man was the suicide bomber.