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Suicide bomber in Bulgarian airport attack carried fake Michigan driver’s license

Suicide bomber in Bulgarian airport attack carried fake Michigan driver’s license

Bulgarian authorities released airport surveillance video of the suicide bomber who attacked the bus of Israeli tourists yesterday.

Via Times of Israel:

Bulgarian police have released a short video they say is of the suicide bomber responsible for Wednesday’s terror attack on a tour bus full of Israeli citizensat the airport in Burgas, Bulgaria.

The Bulgarian news agency Sofia reported that the bomber was carrying an American passport and Michigan driver’s license. Both documents are believed to be forgeries.

Sofia also reported that the Bulgarian Interior Ministry has managed to recover the fingerprints of the bomber, which they have submitted to the FBI in the United States and the international police organization Interpol. The FBI and CIA have joined Israeli and Bulgarian officials in investigating the attack.

Interior Minister Tsvetan Tsvetanov told Sofia that DNA tests would be run to determine the identity of the Caucasian man, who the minister described as casually dressed with nothing suspicious about his appearance to set him apart from the crowd of people at the airport.

The ministry did not indicate how the police came to the conclusion that the man was the suicide bomber.


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Uncle Samuel | July 19, 2012 at 8:23 am

Michigan needs cleaning out like Christ drove the thieves, merchants and money-changers out of the Temple courts.

Uncle Samuel is disgusted with all the liberal cow-towing and A$$ kissing of Islamists.

Meanwhile, let’s get a real conservative candidate for President. The facts is, the US is being given NO choice between two proven liars and thieves, two purveyors of false man-made religion….

Sarah Palin’s place in Tampa will be the homing place for conservatives. Let Ann Coulter and Pam Bondi simper around half-dressed at the Bush-sponsored Romney adoration coronation. He’s no conservative and neither are they.

    herm2416 in reply to Uncle Samuel. | July 19, 2012 at 8:36 am

    Why do you think Bondi isn’t conservative? Each time I’ve heard her speak, she seems straightforward in her views–that she is a conservative. Maybe I am missing something. Anybody reading this, please chime in!

      Ragspierre in reply to herm2416. | July 19, 2012 at 9:03 am

      I want some pictures of Pam Bondi half dressed!

      Unc seems a little off in the weeds, though he certainly DID hit a lot of notes. High, shrill notes…


        Umm, to both and in the order that you stated..

          JP in reply to JP. | July 19, 2012 at 9:51 am

          Let me clarify my typed comment.

          I’d vote for a Snickers candy bar, over #44, but the Snickers isn’t going to be nominated in the attempt to oust #44.

          The Alinsky’ization of this nation must be thwarted.

All the parties that are stakeholders in this incident need to let the investigation play out.

Considering the information that has been gathered, it shouldn’t take too long to point a finger toward those who should be held responsible.

Let any retribution be accurate and justified. The stakes are too high to do otherwise…

I wouldn’t be surprised if it were a real Michigan driver’s license that piece of human excrement was carrying.

    Also, if that really is the bomber in that short video clip, we need to start looking closer at guys who look like Carrot Top.

Dearborn recruit maybe? I hear those Amish are awfully radical.

Samuel Keck | July 19, 2012 at 8:38 am

The Bulgarian news agency Sofia reported that the bomber was carrying an American passport and Michigan driver’s license. Both documents are believed to be forgeries.

“Forgeries?” I wouldn’t be too sure of that. After all, Dearborn, Michigan — a sizable suburb just west of Detroit — is home to the largest Muslim population in the United States and there are more than just a few Islamist radicals mixed in with it. It wouldn’t be at all surprising to me to learn that the murderer originated from there and that also he had ties to Tehran.

David Yotham | July 19, 2012 at 8:40 am

United States Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Attorney General Eric Holder along with United States Department of Homeland Security head Janet Napolitano are drafting their response to this report. After closed door counsel with CAIR, everyone agrees that Israel and Bush are the real propagators of this abhorrent slaughter. /sarc

DavidJackSmith | July 19, 2012 at 8:40 am

He looks like a white American Muslim convert to me.

    LukeHandCool in reply to DavidJackSmith. | July 19, 2012 at 11:57 am

    To me, too, from what I can tell.

    If that’s true, it gives further credence to what commenter gs brought up in the original bombing post yesterday.

    If the left wants to see an actual real “root cause,” it need look no further than the dangerous educational fad of multiculturalism and the blame America, blame Israel, blame the West insanity that infests our educational system, and, to a degree, large swaths of the MSM.

    In a country where citizens in the educational system are rightly taught to be proud of their national heritage (while not ignoring its mistakes … I do remember learning about slavery in school, don’t you?) it would be infinitely more difficult to radicalize a native-born American. (Try imagining a radical Islamist trying to radicalize an average American circa 1948 … American culture was much differnt, and self-confidence much greater.)

    We can take concrete steps, in addition to supporting Israel, and demanding that our elected reps support Israel, by countering, wherever and whenever we can, the figurative brainwashing that is going on in our schools. We can do that immediately … and over time, we must take back our schools, and thus the minds, of tomorrow’s citizenry.

    Every chance I get, I talk to young people and low-information voters to set them straight on the nature of America, Israel, and reality.

    We have to raise a larger percentage of our children (conservatives) to pursue careers in education and the media until a critical mass is reached whereby they can openly and without fear affect, mitigate, and hopefully, overcome what oozes out of these once venerable institutions.

TrooperJohnSmith | July 19, 2012 at 8:41 am

I wonder if he also voted in Michigan.

Of course, in the Leftie mind, he and the ‘Palestinian Opposition’ were just fighting back. King Hussein had the right idea about how to handle the Palestinian problem back in 1970 when he set the Arab Legion upon them in the so-called, “Black September” massacre.

(Leftie Factoid: Most of those who support ‘Palestinian rights’ think that Black September, also the name of Arafat’s terror group, was an Israeli ‘outrage’ against the Paleos.)

Here’s my quick translation/synopsis of how Germany’s Spiegel Online is laying out the case for Iranian involvement:
Video surveillance cameras show the alleged bomber hung around in the parking lot for more an hour. He got on the bus after 44 Israelis boarded and within seconds the bus exploded. Presumably a bomb in his backpack.

Bulgarien and flown-in Israeli investigators see a well-known signature of an Iranien / Lebanese Hisbollah attack.

1. The target of the attack, quite apparently the Israelis, leads to the conclusion that a new peak in the shadow war between Israel, iran and Hisbollah has been reached.

2. The date is symbolic: 18 years ago to the day 85 people were killed in an attack on the Jewish Culture center in Buenos Aires. The Argentinian military felt Iran and Hisbollah were the masterminds and issued an international arrest warrant against the (then?) president of Iran, Rafsandschani (German spelling).

3. The use of alleged counterfeit foreign documents is a trademark of the Tehran-Beirut axis. A counterfeit US-State Michigan driver’s license was found on the body of the alleged assassin.

The Bulgarians are being reserved with conclusions thus far, but if the assassin was Iranian or Lebanese it wouldn’t surprise the Israelis.

A list of cases this year which investigators found lead back to Tehran or the southern suburbs of Beirut:

1. Azerbaijan: In January two locals were arrested for planning, along with an iranian agent, an attack against a Jewish community.

2. New Delhi: In February the wife of an Iraeli embassy employee was injured when a bomb went off in an embassy auto. On the same day, in the Georgian capital, Tiflis, a similar attack was foiled. These attacks occured on the fourth annivesary of the killing of Hisbollah commander Imad Mughnija in 2008.

3. Thailand: 2 days after the twin attacks above, an intrigue against the Israeli representatives in Bangkok was discovered after a bomb detonated prematurely in an apartment blocks from the Israeli embassy. Iranian documents and money was found in the destroyed building.

4. Kenya: On July 2, it was announced that the Kenyan secret service had arrested 2 Iranians who were planning an attack on vacation infrastructures frequented by israelis. The amount of explosives confiscated could have taken down a mid-sized hotel.

5. Cyprus: On July 14, Cypriot police arrested a 24 year old Lebanese who was in possession of a, presumably counterfeit, Swedish passport. Indications were that he was planning a rocket attack on the Israeli airline Akira.

The rest of the article alludes to the assasinations of several atomic scientists in Iran and ‘payback’ attempts by Iran, I.E., part of a black-op war between Iran and Israel.

Bulgaria has become a vacation spot for kids. I know was daughter was looking into going there with her friends. The old haunts, Spain and Italy are more expensive and Tunisia is too dangerous, I guess.