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Richard Mourdock – “the economy still stinks”

Richard Mourdock – “the economy still stinks”

Darin at Reboot Congress has an interesting video of Richard Mourdock, running for Senate in Indiana against Democrat Joe Donnelly.

Mourdock, who defeated Dick Lugar in the primary, is part of Operation Counterweight.  Mourdock still is playing catch up on fundraising, after he spent so much in the primaries.

Mourdock is a prime target of Democratic money since he is viewed as weaker against Donnelly than Lugar would have been.  As I’ve said before, it’s important not only that we help our candidates in the primaries, we have to follow through in the general election.

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Thanks to the failed policies and business-bashing actions of OBOZO and his dictatorial regime, the American economy is no longer on life support and it doesn’t just “stink” – it is stone cold dead. Rigor mortis has passed and the economy has now become just a decaying, stinking corpse. In spite of this, bailout bernanke, to justify his massive salary and humongous benefits, continues to provide mouth-to-mouth resuscitation to this rotting pile. All that is doing is creating asset and bond bubbles which help his Wall Street masters reap massive profits, but which also will inevitably collapse causing equally massive harm to the poor and middle class. Even with bailout bernanke’s desperate and potentially harmful actions, the labor force participation rate – the most significant measure of US employment – continues to decline and is now at nearly a 40 YEAR LOW, while “disability” claims and food stamp recipients are at an all time high.

If bailout bernanke and the feckless Fed really wanted to help the US economy (which they don’t – they just want BILLION DOLLAR profits for Big Banks and Wall Street), they would do what the rest of us must do: defeat OBOZO and elect Romney.

If Cruz wins today along with Mourdoc ,hopefully Love etc. win thru ,the upcoming congress will obviously be a whole differant kettle of fish. The business as usual DC crowd can feel themselves becoming more and more irrelavant. It cant happen to soon. Question : Wheres Katy Couric?

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