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Obama is an outsourcer with our money

Obama is an outsourcer with our money

The whole outsourcing attack on Romney is stupid, because there’s no evidence he actually outsourced jobs abroad, and being able to use global labor where there is no American equivalent makes American corporations more competitive. The question is whether there were any abusive means used, and there are none as to Romney.

So the GOP is hitting back on the outsourcing claim, pointing out that billions in Stimulus funds were used to create jobs elsewhere. And those are jobs which in many cases could have been sourced domestically.

The GOP needs to be more aggressive on this. We can’t be a day late.

Here is a screen shot from the website referred to in the video (h/t Aggie95 in Tip Line):


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JackRussellTerrierist | July 10, 2012 at 11:07 am

he GOP is always behid the curve when it comes to message and to responding to attacks.

As for O outsourcing our money, he’s been doing that since day one – outsourcing it to the ‘rat party via kickbacks from the unions and Big Corporation “loans” and bail-outs.

Professor thanks for the H/T but if you could Sir a H/T to Sue Henry of WILK radio out of NorthEastern PA as she is the one who turned me on to it ….I’m just tossing monkeys into the wrench works and on this one she helped us get it up and out there ….up on my blog as well…pass it around folks

They left out the Import/Export Bank aid to Petrobas (and Soros investment), the Brazilian oil company.

Forgive the picking of nits, but OFF-SHORING is the term.

Out-sourcing merely refers to obtaining goods or services outside the enterprise.

And neither is good or bad inherently. Capitalists seek value, wherever it is found.

Think of Milton Friedman’s pencil.

    Jaydee77 in reply to Ragspierre. | July 10, 2012 at 11:37 am


    For example, my employer recently “outsourced” our entire IT division. We kept all the same people mind you, but they are now just on another company’s payroll. Allows for a little bit easier cash flow since we can theoretically pay this other company a little later (ie we no longer have to pay the IT people every other week).

Priebus and the Rs are self deluding. In repeated responses to Qs about becoming more aggressive the best he could offer is “it’s tied in national polling” The tie is likely as much the result of Obama’s massive and colossal failures on every front as anything else. At this point it appears that the combination of Obama’s failures and Romney’s apparent harmlessness may well give us the new administration – if (a big if) the Rs are willing to fight voter fraud. (In the end you have to fight for something.) Whatever it takes to be rid of Obama is okay, but it makes control of congress and Operation Counterweight that more important.

LukeHandCool | July 10, 2012 at 12:34 pm

Reince Priebus: [Obama’s] a smart guy. He knows this is all a sham.

It’s a Sham. Wow. And Democrats and other easily misled people have bought it before.

I think its a foolish road for Obama to travel but I also understand its hard to talk about his economic record. Unable to actually create a “debate” on economic policy, Obama has reduced his campaign to “I hate Romney’s rich guts and hate how he earned a living” I almost expect him to call for a hunt for the missing strawberries. But there is still time.
I would think after so much time, even typical voters see the foolishness and self distructiveness in some populist pitch to damn products made out of country for American companies. Unless of course we really want “feel good” prices of $400 for cell phones etc. that are made here following Mr Obama’s logic.
No US company demands a product is made anywhere particularly at the time of product inception. The cost realities/motivations are no different really when we as consumers find Walmart papertowels to be the best deal.
I believe its a losing discussion for Obama.
Were just not that stupid anymore Mr President.

Henry Hawkins | July 10, 2012 at 1:31 pm

New bumper sticker:

Imagine a photoshop of Obama in Hogwarts regalia and the words…


[…] to that site is being posted on  every New Media outlet on the internet.  It’s on Breitbart, Legal Insurrection, Ace of Spades, I Own The World, and many […]

Didn’t 0bama once mention our “intercontinental trains”, instead of transcontinental trains? You say potato, I say spud, what’s the diff? Outsource or Offshore or …

0bama did chide somebody for using a dictionary once, “oh, you’re really reaching there, using the dictionary…” So unfair. Bottom line: Republicans and Conservatives are bad, 0bama is good. Get it?

BannedbytheGuardian | July 10, 2012 at 9:21 pm

The map was stupid.

!/6 of the earth (Russia ) red because a company bought a failed stimulus receiver?

Another big red blob in the Pacific (Australia ) because of $160,000 paid for melanoma tissue samples. I believe this would be part of the verification of the trials for a new drug that is looking to be the biggest advance in Melanoma ever. Patients with deadly stage 3 & 4 tumours are surviving 3 years & counting.

WTF . We do you a favour & we get demonized as taking American jobs. Get real.

GOP = fail.

To Mitt Romney: Take off the mittens and start punching.