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Obama getting hoisted by his own immigration pandering

Obama getting hoisted by his own immigration pandering

How sweet it would be to see Obama’s pandering on immigration backfire on him even in states like New Mexico.  The decision to enact a mini-Dream Act via non-enforcement was a move Obama earlier said he could not do, but then did the day before he addressed a major Latino political group.

The Panderer in Chief thought he had it all figured out.

But not so, at least not so far, says PPP, a Democratic polling firm not known to skew right:

PPP’s newest New Mexico poll finds the race for President there getting a lot more competitive. Barack Obama continues to lead but his advantage is down to 5 points at 49-44, a far cry from the leads of 14 and 15 points he had on our previous two polls of the state….

New Mexico makes it five battleground states in the last two weeks where PPP has found opposition to Obama’s new immigration policy. 41% of voters support it with 46% against. Voters also narrowly disagree with the Supreme Court’s decision on health care with 42% agreeing with it to 46% who dissent.

Obama probably doesn’t need to worry too much about losing New Mexico but its increased competitiveness is certainly another sign that he’s not as strong as he was last time around.

Hoisted by his own pandering.  I’m not banking on it just yet, but the thought is keeping hope alive.


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Well there is obviously an ethnic component to this poll that no one is talking about. It is blatantly racist. 😉

In all seriousness, I think a lot of the polls are weighted in Obama’s favor. With polls showing a sample of +8 Democrat or more, Romney is in the lead in real life right now. There us no way that the electorate is going to be +2 more Democratic in 2012 than in 2008 at the height of “hope and change.”

“Obama probably doesn’t need to worry too much about losing New Mexico…”

see Coakley v Brown, “The People’s Seat”.

Here in AZ, Obama’s campaign has been running its anti-Romney ads (“he’s an evil outsourcer of American jobs”) pretty much non-stop, but it doesn’t appear to have accomplished much.

But keep running those ads and spending your money here, Barry. After all you’ve cost us with your bogus lawsuits, we figure it’s the least you can do to put a little money back into our state.

wildjavelina | July 18, 2012 at 4:09 pm

NM is a bad state to use to gauge immigration feelings. I’ve been running multiple businesses in that state for the past 20 years, and although there are a lot of Hispanics living there, my experience is that they have been there for hundreds of years and are not recent immigrants. I was surprised how little tolerance my Hispanic employees had for folks sneaking across the border. My employees were really incensed that their long histories living in the area was equated with the new arrivals.

I saw a map of the western states showing which states would have the biggest increase in illegals and NM wasn’t one of them The locals don’t want them, the states poor and has few jobs so there’s no reason to stay there. The surrounding states (AZ, TX, CO, NV) all were forecast to have lots more illegals.

Many Hispanic Americans including legal immigrants have tough views of immigration. They may not be gung ho about it or support some of the more extreme views, but they believe people should play by the rules – like they did.

NM is a small state, but in a potentially close election they all count. And the good news is small states have much cheaper media markets. It wouldn’t a huge investment of advertising money to test the waters. And a Romney stop on the way from Arizona to Colorado would yield substantial local coverage.

Frequently the illegal Hispanics compete for jobs with the Hispanics that are here legally. It is not like the Hispanics that are crossing the border illegally have degrees in journalism and are willing to work for $7/hour.

I know this because if they did the MSM would have an entirely different view of illegal immigration.

New Mexico shouldn’t be all that difficult. Bush carried NM in 2004. Gore won it by only a couple of hundred votes in 2000, and we know he stole more than that.

bu-but senors y senoritas meestr obam say wi coud bote. no es la verdad?

New Mexico has an Hispanic Republican Governor, a woman at that. I lived in Santa Fe for a year, and would agree with Estragon, Hispanics have been there for generations and are here legally, they don’t appreciate cheaters. Another issue is religion, Catholics are none too happy with the One.

Even intelligent liberals can detect in-your-face false politics.

And Obama is the master of in-your-face insults, lies and pandering.

Every passing day gives me more confidence that regime change will actually occur in November. Evict ’em all!!

Cassandra Lite | July 18, 2012 at 7:24 pm

On the other hand, here’s the lede of a story in today’s LA Times:
“President Obama’s advantage among Latino voters is getting larger, a new poll suggests, even as Mitt Romney’s campaign released what it said was its ninth ad in Spanish.

“The poll by Latino Decisions, released Wednesday, showed support for Obama rising to 70% of registered Latino voters, compared with 22% for Romney. If that margin held until the election, it could play a significant role in battleground states with sizable Latino populations, such as Florida, Nevada and Colorado.”

It’s a natural human tendency to move into an area (or country), then want to shut the gate to further immigrants. Limousine Liberals turn it into an art form using ‘environmentalism’ as an excuse, but most people recognize the inherent hypocrisy and fight against the urge. But it’s there, and so I wouldn’t be surprised at people from Mexico having the same feelings toward later arrivals.

New Mexico is a VERY liberal state that has a large Mexican population. This suggests that those Mexicans (legals who are the majority) are still against illegal immigration and amnesty.

This has never been about racism. No one has been hurt more by illegal immigration than legal Mexican immigrants by being forced, despite being on the lower rungs of the economic ladder, to compete against abject 3rd world poverty.

I like to remind people that when Cesar Chavez led the famous march in the 1960s from Sacramento to the Mexican border, he and his fellow union members were protesting illegal immigration. From the many Mexicans I know, no one hates illegal immigration more than that generation of legal Mexican immigrants. Blacks are close behind.

    Sanddog in reply to Pasadena Phil. | July 18, 2012 at 9:58 pm

    NM has a large Hispanic population. They do not consider themselves Mexican. Many of the old families in the north date back to the earliest Spanish settlements and would take great offense at being called Mexicans.

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    I had this debate with an Obot, they claimed that unemployment was lower in Republican states because they were simply booting them off unemployment entitlements, therefore skewing the unemployment numbers lower.

    These lower unemployment numbers must be backed up by fundamentals, reductions in budget deficits, increased tax revenue from economic growth … and dispelling the notion that unemployment entitlements create jobs, in fact the “99 week” folks are bankrupting Employer Contributed Unemployment Funds… these UE fund deficits reflect an increased tax on business (to maintain/replenish the fund) that in turn hinders job creation.

    Bankrupted Unemployment Insurance Funds.
    Small Business -You didn’t build that… Gov’t 99er’s did!

      OcTEApi in reply to OcTEApi. | July 19, 2012 at 6:22 am

      Colorado issues bonds to eliminate future solvency surcharges


      Federal Gov’t 99er’s have bankrupted UI Trust Fund, so let’s sell some bonds w/ interest to be repaid by state taxpayers to replenish the fund.
      Profits from bond sales subsidize business contributions to trust fund for now, but the cost is eventually Socialized to every taxpayer… just as giving these states federally funded 99 week extensions with 40% borrowed money is also kicked down the road to taxpayers.

      This whole scheme is backed by 100% fail.

I live in Santa Fe, NM. We are th 4th (or 5th?) largest state geographically. Not by population. One has to understand the tiered society we have here: The 400 yr. Hispanics feel they are different from immigrants (Mexican), say of the past 100 years. Both look down their noses at recent immigrants. And most look down their noses at illegals, ex. bleeding heart Santa Fe, which is a sanctuary city. This state’s budget is in shambles. 1/2 the population is uninsured for health. And, another stat.: 70% of new births are Medicaid. Probably the worst schools in the nation. Oh, and if push comes to shove, Anglos are the cause of most everything bad.

Literary moment: As Shakespeare wrote in Hamlet, Obama has been “hoisted by his own petard.”