The right to be offended is the foundation of our democracy. And the blogosphere.

Thanks to reader Amy, who writes:

I’m vacationing in Washington state, but here in the agricultural area of the Yakima valley, people are more conservative than the liberal coast–and it shows.

Love your blog! Especially the bumper stickers. Keep up the good work.

And thanks to this “reader” for showing me yesterday that life does imitate bumper stickers:

Dear Mr. Jacobson:

A right wing friend forwarded to me your imbecilic bile about how Jews “must” vote for Romney.

Despite your resume, I think your political thinking is fourth rate and fifth grade.

I’m Jewish and I’m voting for Obama. So are all of my Jewish friends and relatives and my sister is too—and she voted for Bush twice and is now represented by Dr. Strangelove Allen West. He’s been a “bad will ambassador” for her, to all that is mentally defective on the right.

I promise you I have more trees planted in Israel than do you. I hardly need a lecture from you about Israel. Your opener about how I “must” vote for Romney is offensive.

-Michael Fremer
Cornell Class of 1968

Actually, I never said that Jews must vote for Romney.  I realize that there are plenty of leftist Jews who support what Obama has in store for Israel in a second term, or who are so blinded by misplaced guilt that they cannot see what is before their eyes.

What I said was not directed specifically at Jews:

Let me be as clear as I can be.  Anyone who supports Israel must vote for Romney.  Obama, in complete control of foreign and military policy, will be unrestrained by electoral considerations in a second term, and will impose his vision of a Middle East settlement on the Israelis.  There won’t be a thing Congress or public opinion will be able to do about it.

I stand by that commentary, and it is correct.

So be offended.  It’s your right.