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Here we go – upset brewing in Wisconsin Rep Senate Primary?

Here we go – upset brewing in Wisconsin Rep Senate Primary?

PPP called it pretty closely in Texas, and now is showing a toss-up among Eric Hovde, Tommy Thompson and Mark Neumann.

Thompson, the former Governor, had been considered the clear favorite, but not anymore. The primary is August 14.

Per reader Charles, Hovde is backed by Freedomworks, while Neumann is backed by Jim DeMint, Mike Lee, Rand Paul and the Club for Growth.

Update: PPP’s analysis is here, and full poll results here.

We Ask America also just released a poll showing Hovde and Thompson tied with Neumann further back.


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Is Neumann is too conservative for Wisconsin? Jim Demint endorsed Neumann so I will trust his judgement, but I don’t want another Ken Buck incident to happen. I hope if Neumann wins that he is in the mold of Ron Johnson. Thompson I really don’t want in the Senate as he is too fiscally liberal.

I’ll admit I have not followed this race as closely as I have followed the Texas race.

How are Hovde and Fitzgerald?

    scottinwisconsin in reply to heimdall. | August 2, 2012 at 8:58 pm

    No, Neuman is a petty prick, who spent millions of dollars lying about Scott Walker 2 years ago in the primary for Governor.
    He burned a lot of bridges, and showed his true colors. He would have had this race in the bag if he had run a clean respectful race back then. Instead, it was lie after lie.
    And he says things like “he left congress in 1998, because he was too fiscally conservative for the GOP.” In truth, he left the House to run against Feingold for the Senate, and got crushed.
    He’s just another phoney who wants to rule us — but then, don’t they all?
    I for one do not consent. I don’t wish to be ruled. Why do the rest of you?

    scottinwisconsin in reply to heimdall. | August 2, 2012 at 9:14 pm

    Oh, and Hovde says the right things, so who knows? (Ron Johnson is no Rand Paul, believe me. Supports a lot of new-world-order crap, like the rest. Law of the Sea treaty, etc.)
    And Fitz has done a great job running the WI senate (His brother runs the Assembly!), and got much of Walker’s agenda into law. Seemed ok CCW, but blocked Constitutional Carry hard — a bridge too far, perhaps. Pissed some people off over it.
    Fitz hasn’t gotten any traction after dominating the voting at the State Convention — straw vote. NO money to speak of, though some talk radio guys say he’s surging, perhaps at Hovde’s expense.
    My guess is Hovde squeaks this out, as voters hope for another Ron Johnson, and slowly remember what a progressive Tommy is/was. And the dislike for Neumann among Walker supporters will not easily fade.
    Oh, and any of them can and will defeat the silly lefty dame from the People’s Republic of Madison.
    Come November, WI should have 2 GOP Senators, 5 of 8 GOP in the House, 65 of 99 Assemblymen, and 20 of 33 senators.
    They all think they have the right to rule us, which they do not, but the GOP is sometimes less fascistic about it. Sometimes.

Congrats to Cruz! Now our national conservative spotlight needs to support Gabriela Saucedo Mercer! Who? She is the Tea Partier in Arizona’s border Congressional District 3 who is running to unseat the co-chair of the Congressional Progressive Caucus, Raul “boycott Arizona” Grijalva. A conservative win against Grijalva would have national impact!

Re Ken Buck: He was defeated by GOP insiders as they set the path thd dems followed in the Bennett campaign. Also once Buck got the nomination insider money took over and ran a curiously passive campaign. Bennett was very beatable but the “smart money” enabled him to win. I fault Buck for turning over his campaign to these people.

    So it’s like Michelle Bachmann turning over control of her campaign to Ed Rollins?

      Somewhat. Except it happened thru the Colo GOP apparatus and involved the race for Gov as well. It got down to the state GOP powers that be underestimated the T Party impact and by the time they caught on their further actions in effect turned what should have been a good election into something decidedly less. Buck went into the election handicapped by what Norton did to him in the primarys. Sound familiar? The Rollins types then stepped in and screwed up the general. At the time I said they were using the prior elections tactics on the present election.

        In other words, CO is now like CA. The sole purpose of the CA State Committee seems to be to stifle state Republicans and conservatives for the benefit of the RNC/Bush/Rove crowd. They declared bankruptcy last Thursday. Republican/conservative voters aren’t stupid.

        Now these clowns are infiltrating the local Tea Party efforts.

          Its more for the state party apparatis but the thought process is the same. Like the rest of the southwest Colo has alot of Calif refugees moving here. They learned nothing and still vote the same way. I suspect they are primarily white libs moving away from all the mexicans in Calif.

MaggotAtBroadAndWall | August 1, 2012 at 8:44 am

In Missouri, Palin cut a TV commerical for Sarah Steelman that I saw for the first time yesterday. It was in heavy rotation on Fox News last night (I saw it at least 4 times in 2 hours). Tea Party Express also cut an ad for Steelman, but I only saw it run once last night.

The primary is Aug. 7.

The most recent poll from Mason-Dixon shows all three Republicans leading McCaskill, with the largest margin going to wealthy businessman John Brunner. That’s probably because he’s been running ads longer than everyone else to generate name identification. His TV commercials have been airing regularly since 2011.

It looks like the guy I’m going to vote for, Todd Akin, is going to be outgunned by both Steelman and Brunner. If Steelman gets the nomination, anybody looking at it objectively would have to say that Palin’s Facebook endorsement and TV commercial strategically entered the consciousness at the right time. We’ll see.

Thehellwith Freedomworks, Jim DeMint, Mike Lee, Rand Paul and the Club for Growth.


I would be concerned about Neumann with his backing by Jim DeMint and the Club for Growth. Both DeMint and the Club have been picking some real stinkers lately (most notably, AMNESTY-JOHN mccain’s mini-me and RINO and ILLEGALS lover in Arizona, Jeff Flake for Kyl’s replacement in the Senate.) Since Hovde is backed by Freedomworks, I’ll contribute to him.

Waiting for Sarah!
Her endorsement of McCain doesn’t count, she has to pay her debt.