The Shark Tank reports that Debbie Wasserman Shultz has never before disclosed that she owns a second home and land in New Hampshire, under the name Debbie Schultz:

According to public records, we’ve learned that Wasserman Schultz owns a second home here along with another land parcel. Based on our own public records search, these assets have never been previously disclosed by Wasserman Schultz.

As per congressional disclosure rules, Wasserman Schultz is not required to report either her personal residence or additional properties that do not generate rental income. If Wasserman Schultz were to release her personal income tax returns as requested by her Republican congressional opponent Karen Harrington, these assets would then be disclosed….

Why was this not-so incidental piece of information never discovered? Wasserman Schultz signs her name on legislative documents using “Debbie Wasserman Schultz,” but when she signs public records that require her legal signature, Wasserman Schultz signs her name “Deborah Schultz.” ….

The first piece of property listed as owned by Wasserman Schultz is identified as Lot 17 at 17 Meadow Rd, Newbury, NH. The second property listed is as being owned by Steve and Deborah Schultz, located at 57 Meadow Rd, Newbury, NH.

When you add the total estimated value of her primary residence in Weston, Florida, valued in 2012 at $409,850, Wasserman Schultz has close to $1 million in total real property….

Combined with her recently disclosed foreign investments and her husband’s undetermined salary at the Community Bank of Broward, can Debbie Wasserman Schultz really count herself as just another “middle class” American who practices full disclosure of her own assets in the interests of transparency?

Keep talking, Debbie Schultz, keep talking:

CONGRESSWOMAN DEBBIE WASSERMAN SCHULTZ: Extreme. And I think that extreme is what they demonstrated last night on immigration, on health care reform, on tax policy, and, and out of touch, although that’s three words, but all three words apply because they didn’t talk about the number one thing that Americans care about right now, and that’s jobs. And getting the economy turned around. I mean, I just — if I was a middle class American, which i am, sitting and watching that debate, I just had to be thinking out of touch. These guys don’t understand what I’m going through.


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