The speculation is over, via L.A. Times:

Mitt Romney pulled in a blockbuster fundraising haul in June, collecting $106.1 million for his campaign and the Republican Party, his campaign announced today.

The total marks Romney’s best fundraising month yet, as the former Massachusetts governor continues to capitalize on the large donations he can now collect through joint fundraising with the Republican National Committee and other affiliated groups.

The June haul was also boosted by the Supreme Court’s decision to uphold President Obama’s healthcare law; officials claimed $4.6 million — mostly in small donations — came into the joint fundraising effort in the 24 hours following the decision….

The campaign says it, along with the RNC, has approximately $160 million in the bank. Of the $106 million collected last month, $22.3 million was raised in increments of less than $250, it said.

The whining and complaining from Team Obama already has started, as witnessed in the latest fundraising letter:

Friend –

Election Day will be here in less than four months. And we’re facing a big problem right now that could directly affect the outcome that day.

The Romney campaign and the Republicans raised $100 million in the month of June alone. That is a massive sum.

Just wait until they start spending all that money in full force in key states we need to win.

This from the candidate who in 2008 broke with tradition to reject public financing because he could raise so much more outside the public financing system, and who bragged how he would raise $1 billion this time around.  It’s not happening for him, not even close.

I don’t think this is a one-off for Romney.  There are plenty of people who have not contributed yet, including yours truly.

Obama can’t buy this election.  He’ll have to win it the old-fashioned way — with the help of the mainstream media.