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College Insurrection update

College Insurrection update

The next Insurrection still is on target for an August roll-out.  Most likely mid-month.

The current site really is just a holding place, and all the sidebar and navigation bar links are the same as Legal Insurrection.  That will change when the site goes live.

Your Legal Insurrection registration for commenting will be good at both places, a question a number of people have asked.

Have been busy setting up all the ancillary stuff, like Twitter and Facebook (not much at either location yet, but now would be a good time to Follow on Twitter and “like” on Facebook).

Also working out some technical details, some design issues, and a bunch of other stuff.  But we’re getting close.

… because I don’t have enough to do already.


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anything I can do to help?
have some backend admin (serverside) experience.
anything I can do just shout, will do whatever I can to help.

TrooperJohnSmith | July 29, 2012 at 8:50 pm

I have a college kid getting ready to return. He’s down for CI. Since he’s at a northern Texas liberal arts university, there is plenty of grist for his mill.

Going to send a couple of Aussie uni students your way. They’ll be the ones whose comments come in at all odd hours, and uʍop ǝpısdn. 🙂

Will you be hiring any full time employees, maybe to help dust the keyboards, track the news, and check for typos?

“… because I don’t have enough to do already.”

So you should keep out of the pool halls…

So please give our heartfelt regrets to Mrs. Jacobson, unless she enjoys solitude and soap operas.

CI is a great idea. We have to do everything we can to remove elite, establishment, GOP idiots from the halls of government.

Did you hear establishment, elitist GOP member Dick Cheney’s latest remarks on Palin? Of all the things in the world Cheney might have said, at this time in US history he has to launch an attack on Sarah Palin?

The GOP is about a year from Whig status. They are bloody useless. No, they are worse than bloody useless. They are an anchor tied around the neck of our freedoms and our Constitution.


that was the question I was going to ask this weekend.

Since the 2012 Election marks the 100th anniversary of the disaster of the 1912 Election….,_1912

…I have to remind myself the length of time that some republicans have been the source of the problem, not the solution.

A lady named Mrs. Jacobson called me the other day asking for information about divorce. She claims that her husband, a law school professor of some repute, was carrying on with his computer. I told her that it may be related to his work which is important to his students, that it sounded innocent to me and that she should encourage him in his career. I reminded her that behind every successful person, the government was responsible. It is not his fault.

LukeHandCool | July 30, 2012 at 4:06 am

We’re at your service, Chief!

Henry Hawkins | July 30, 2012 at 11:50 am

Nothing would please me more than to start a College Insurrection mony bomb. I just donated $$$ to this worthy cause. I challenge those who can to do the same, reminding you that any success you’ve enjoyed – and the money that resulted from it – ultimately comes from your beneficient Government (out of respect and gratitude, please start capitalizing the word), so the money isn’t really yours in the first place, is it? Give it up!!!!

Don’t know how I missed the announcement of College Insurrection but I think it’s a wonderful idea.

When I went to college back in the sixties liberals were already firmly in charge. They ran the student organizations and determined what would be considered PC. Dog help you if you didn’t conform. You were ridiculed and reviled, labeled hopelessly “stupid”. Students like me, away from home for the first time and without the usual support networks, knuckled under to the aggressive left.

For the left it’s always been about screaming the loudest. Supporting your position logically is not part of the scenario. Logic doesn’t enter into their equations. They WILL NOT think and they will scream at you if you ask them to.

What a relief it will be for students who don’t want to drink the kool-aid to have somewhere they can go where their positions aren’t ridiculed.

I look forward to the first troll on CI. The students are going to get a real education from regulars here on how to handle a troll.

Carry on, Professor.