The New York Times declares that the Bain attacks are working, Bain Attacks Make Inroads for President

Propelled by a torrent of blistering television advertisements, President Obama is successfully invoking Mitt Romney’s career at Bain Capital to raise questions about his commitment to the middle class, strategists in both parties say, as the candidates engage in a critical summer duel to set the terms for this fall.

Despite doubts among some Democrats about the wisdom of attacking Mr. Romney’s business career, Obama commercials painting him as a ruthless executive who pursued profits at the expense of jobs are starting to make an impact on some undecided voters, according to strategists from both sides, who differ on whether they are causing any substantial damage.

The rest of the article, however, provides little backup for the headline and opening paragraph, and mostly focuses on how money Romney is raising and the advertising Romney plans on running.

This strikes me as The NY Times trying to create a narrative, rather than reporting on an actual narrative.

The Obama Bain attacks have not been particularly well-done, and have created a rift in the Democratic Party itself, with numerous politicians (e.g. Cory Booker for a time) pushing back against it.  I expected a much better researched and communicated Bain attack from Team Obama.

But, over time, I can see even poorly-executed attacks creating an image of Romney which is not helpful, and which fits into the mainstream media narrative.


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