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Ahmadinejad comes close to claiming credit for Bulgaria bombing as victims buried (Update)

Ahmadinejad comes close to claiming credit for Bulgaria bombing as victims buried (Update)

Israel has accused Iran through Hezbollah of being behind the bombing of a tourist bus in Bulgaria.

Iran’s President came pretty close yesterday to claiming responsibility even as Iran formally denies involvement, via Times of Israel:

Iran’s President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad gloated publicly on Thursday over the deaths of Israelis in a terror bombing in Bulgaria, and hinted that Iran was responsible for the attack.

Speaking hours after Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had publicly blamed the bombing Wednesday at Bulgaria’s Burgas airport on “Hezbollah, directed by Iran,” Ahmadinejad described the attack as “a response” to Israeli “blows against Iran.”

“The bitter enemies of the Iranian people and the Islamic Revolution have recruited most of their forces in order to harm us,” he said in a speech reported by Israel’s Channel 2 TV. “They have indeed succeeded in inflicting blows upon us more than once, but have been rewarded with a far stronger response.”

He added: “The enemy believes it can achieve its aims in a long, persistent struggle against the Iranian people, but in the end it will not. We are working to ensure that.

The funerals were held today:

The tearful funerals of the five Burgas airport suicide-bomb bombings were held in the course of Friday, drawing hundreds — and in some cases thousands — of mourners. Two sets of childhood friends and a newly pregnant woman, they were blown up on Wednesday at the start of what was supposed to have been a vacation, on the bus that was taking them from their plane to the airport terminal in the Bulgarian Black Sea resort.

Video via Jerusalem Post:

Update 7-22-2012:  The Times of Israel has updated its story today:

Iran’s President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was not gloating over the Burgas bombing in a speech Thursday in which he spoke of Iran’s enemies getting hit back with greater harm than they cause, the BBC’s Persian Service correspondent in New York said Sunday….

The relevant section of the speech relates to western sanctions on Iran and Iran’s response, he said, rather than to the Burgas bombing as on ostensible response to the killing of Iranian nuclear scientists.

Kalbasi said the key sentence was in the future tense, rather than the past…



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TrooperJohnSmith | July 20, 2012 at 7:02 pm

It’s time to light-up this idiot in a Members Only jacket! His intentions towards Israel are crystal clear, and he deserves anything that happens to him. 👿

If they fluck around with our naval forces around the Straight of Hormuz, Trooper may get his wish about “lighting up” Ahmadinejad.

If they open the ball, I hope we have the gumption to dance the last dance with them.

“Ahmadinejad comes close to claiming credit for Bulgaria bombing as victims buried”

Only humility prevented him from claiming that well-deserved credit.

BannedbytheGuardian | July 20, 2012 at 8:29 pm

I believe Israel could be facing attacks on all fronts soon . This is just a forerunner of things to come. Unfortunately I do not see the uS as an ally under this admin. Hopefully there are some uncontaminated military decision makers left.

I see Obama has belatedly added his name to the demand the IOC observe one minutes silence for the 72 Massacre.

I don’t know what the US congress has done but several countries have been pushing hard. the australian Parliament passed a unanimous motion to protest several months ago.

I hope the Israeli team have full British soldier security & not those GS4 types. Ifear for them in Britain . How tragic that we’ve come to this?

I just hope that once all suspicions are confirmed, Israel exacts the type of retribution that will be stinging to the Iranian leadership.

It’s time to make them eat their words and pay for their terrorist adventurism…

Israel knows patience – they spent years tracking down and executing the planners of the Munich massacre. And they know that if they attack now, they risk appearing to preempt the “negotiations” such as they are, OR that Obama will give them air support to boost his reelection chances (after which he will immediately sell them down the river).

So, barring information of startling progress by Iran’s nuclear program, I expect Israel to attack November 8th if Obama is reelected, or January 20th if Romney wins (the latter because Obama could no longer take reprisals against them).

What will Obama do when it happens here? Wring his puny hands and apologize to the terrorists.

IF Obama looks to be re-elected this fall, at the end of October, I would bet that Irael will bomb the Iranian nuclear sites in an effort to destroy them. They’ll probably use the new generation of US bunker busters that are capable of pentrating a couple of hundred feet…

Israel is being prodded into this by Iran’s intransigence and the stupidity of Obama’s leftist Dept of State.

Juba Doobai! | July 21, 2012 at 11:41 am

I hope Netanyahu’s Mossad has some bullets and bombs with Ahmadinejad’s name on it. For good measure, he ought to have some with the name of that boychild-mouth-kisser pervert Ali Khamenei.

Uncle Samuel | July 21, 2012 at 3:21 pm

Iran needs the Invasion/Occupation treatment.