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Stand with Ali

Stand with Ali

Via Facebook (h/t iambasic in Tip Line):

Now, sympathizers of convicted domestic terrorist Brett Kimberlin are harassing me, tearing me apart—and coming after my family.

In the past two weeks, hackers have tried accessing my email accounts, they’ve placed a fake SWAT call on a colleague, and just two days ago they posted the address and picture of my mother’s home in an attempt to incite unlawful behavior—or violence.

This is all because the National Bloggers Club is raising funds to relieve some of Aaron Walker’s financial strife—caused by his own legal run-in with Kimberlin. I became a target.

Kimberlin has notified my attorneys that he intends to sue me and my organization directly. By bringing up my past, he hopes to destroy my credibility. By bringing my family into it, he aspires to frighten me into silence.

Despite all of this, I’ll stand for free speech. We’re going to get the peace order against Walker overturned, restore his First Amendment rights, and fight the thugs who are bullying my family.

More at Michelle Malkin, Patterico, The Other McCain.


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I do not understand the utter silence of LE agencies with regard to the SWATters. They’re investigating death threats against Scott Walker. Why are Ali, Aaron, Patrick, Stacy, Seth, et al being ignored?

Perhaps AG Eric Holder can be alerted to step in and investigate….(snort)…sometimes I crack myself up.

I wish they would fix the NBC donation page. I tried to donate last week but ran into the request for my personal information. I’m not about to provide that to make a contribution to someone.

After someone here noted that you could donate via PayPal I tried that but it never worked.

Then I tried to donate directly to Aaron via his webpage. He doesn’t have a tip jar.

This is a horrible setup. They need to redo it and pronto. They’re losing donations left and right.

Yahoo is my home page and I just logged on and saw that the SWAT-ting story is in the cycle of news on their headlines. More disinfectant.

Y’all realize it’s only a matter of time before the lefties engage in fake conservative SWAT-ing of a leftist, right?

If they have the technical skills to change a phone number to the point they can fool the authorities, they absolutely have the technology to fake a SWAT-ing that leaves enough of a fake trail that will magically end at a conservative blogger/pundit’s door.

It’s only a matter of time. They take down a conservative, get to spread the blame for SWAT-ing, and the media will run with the conservative who gets “caught”. It’s a win-win-win for the lefties.

Still no PO box for donations…

Holder is too busy ignoring the Black Panthers’ public dead or alive bounty on the white hispanic racist vigilante KKK member who ‘1st degree hate-murdered’ a tiny innocent little african child holding a bag of skittles while walking home from church services up hill in the snow with no mittens or scarf… barefoot.

theduchessofkitty | June 7, 2012 at 6:30 pm

OK, just to let y’all know: Kenny Marchant (R-TX) stands with the bloggers and demands the DOJ to investigate.

We need more Congressmen to stand with Marchant. If we can get the entire Republican House delegation to do it, it’d be great.

So, start e-mailing.