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Scott Walker as the Honey Badger

Scott Walker as the Honey Badger

Thanks to AmandaFitz in the Tip Line for the link to this parody of the original Honey Badger video.

Language warning on both videos.


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LukeHandCool | June 24, 2012 at 2:37 pm

Based solely on his northern range, I can tell you Governor Walker is actually a wolverine, while Professor Jacobson is a honey badger.

Easy to confuse. Same order and family, different genus.

Many of their characterisitcs overlap as they fill almost identical ecological niches.

Similar diets, although when it comes to red meat, the subspecies Walker’s Wolverine prefers rutting union thugs, while the Jacobson Eastern Honey Badger favors the elusive High-Cheeked Warren, which it spooks out of the tall underbrush by repeatedly throwing the Warren’s own scat.

The lone surviving species of the Genus Mellivora, numerous extant species of the Family Mustelidae roam over four continents, whereas the High-Cheeked Warren’s classification is still in doubt among zoologists, with many experts recently proposing that it is nothing more than a simple local variant of the Common White Warren, its heretofore mistakenly ascribed uniqueness a result of a peculiar locally adaptive bluffing behavior.