Anne is on the ground right now in Wisconsin at a Tea Party rally to support Governor Walker and Lt. Gov. Kleefisch leading up to their recall election on Tuesday. Several thousand, including some very notable conservatives, have turned out to show their support. Said Anne:

Congressman Paul Ryan and Lt. Gov Rebecca Kleefisch fired up the crowd at the Racine Tea Party Saturday in anticipation of the recall election Tuesday. Telling the crowd this is about more than Wisconsin, it is about the [future] of the country, they were met with massive applause.

Dana Loesch is also at the rally, touching on more than just Wisconsin politics:

I’m tired of that Fauxcahontas up in Boston…I guess she drives a Grand Cherokee so she thinks she’s Cherokee.

Reince Priebus, Chairman of the Republican National Committee was there voicing his support for Walker:

The big public union beasts can never eat enough…Scott Walker said No.

The Milwaukee-Wisconsin Journal Sentinel covered Paul Ryan as he spoke earlier to the crowd about the significance of Tuesday’s recall.

“Wisconsinites, this is it, this is our moment, this is a big deal, the country is watching, we have a choice of two futures in front of us,” Ryan said.

“Our government is within our control. Everybody, pray hard, work hard, call everyone you know and then on Wednesday morning we’ll wake up and say, we took our state back,” Ryan said.