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Obama numbers slipping in latest poll

Obama numbers slipping in latest poll

In the latest CNN Presidential poll, Romney is trailing President Obama by just 3 points, making him within the statistical margin of error for the sampling. The new numbers mean that the President has dropped 6 points in a little over a month. Via

Last month CNN’s poll showed the President with a 9-point advantage (52-43%). The high water mark for the President has been 54% in CNN’s March poll.

There’s more good news for Romney in this poll. He holds a commanding lead among independents who favor him 51%-39% over the President. However, it’s not all bad news for the President. CNN says the President’s supporters are currently more enthusiastic than Romney’s. Six in ten strongly support the President while 47% strongly support Romney.

The internal sampling for the poll isn’t available at present, so it’s not clear if the sampling of the new poll is identical to previous ones. CNN does note that today’s poll was taken before the release of today’s disastrous jobs numbers.

So the President’s numbers are sliding, his job approval ratings are not good, unemployment numbers are again on the rise, and work force participation levels remain dismal (see chart below). Given that this poll was taken before the May employment figures came in, it is yet unclear where the bottom is for the President, but my guess is that the Obama reelection team is frantically trying to find it.


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jimzinsocal | June 2, 2012 at 5:49 pm

On the employment mess…I find this equally damning as its most likely a reaction to the Obamacare financial cloud that hangs over businesses. Part time employment.
See this at Zerohedge

PrincetonAl | June 2, 2012 at 5:52 pm

The enthusiasm factor being an important factor, for once, is a canard. As much as I track that in many elections as an indicator, it means less here. A better question is how enthusiastic you are about voting at all, or voting against your opponent.

That would be telling 😉 … Because I am not enthusiastic about Romney, but I sure as heck will vote in November like you wouldn’t believe. NOBAMA, baby, all the way!

Articles like this “Romney – Closet Keynesian” – as much as they are designed as “Eeyore” tactics to suppress the conservative vote – (ain’t gonna work this time, Dems! We understand your tactics!) – represent my lack of enthusiasm for him. And by the way, Mitt is no closet Keynesian. The grassroots have always believed that front-and-center that is what he is. We don’t need to go looking in no stinkin’ closets to figure that out.

However, I am warming up to his campaign as reasonably willing to fight. That is growing on me!

And super-duper strongly enthusiastic about exercising my Constitutional right to pull that lever. And working to convince others too. And I wasn’t sure if I would be able to muster that kind of enthusiasm originally for Mitt, but I can and will, as the Obama administration everyday does everything in its power to piss me off and fire me up for November.

And I am triple-super enthusiastic about Operation Counterweight. Sent another hunnert to support the Cruz missile today. Take that, RINOs.

Go, grassroots! Astroturf, my —. No need to pay me $7.15/hr to hold a placard or provide free lunch to plant my yard signs.

“…it is yet unclear where the bottom is for the President, but my guess is that the Obama reelection team is frantically trying to find it.”

Wull. Yah.

They can’t find their own butts with both hands, much less the President’s bottom.

“CNN says the President’s supporters are currently more enthusiastic than Romney’s. Six in ten strongly support the President while 47% strongly support Romney.”
I may not be as excited about Romney as I would be with Sarah but I am excited about defeating Obama and reversing all of his damaging policies. God willing I won’t miss this election and I’m enthusiastically pulling the lever for Romney.

CNN has one of the least credible polls I’ve ever seen. I remember when I was campaigning for hillary, after every debate, CNN would ask their viewers to vote online (we all know how reliable that is), and then based on this poll, they would announce who won that debate.
The obots overwhelmed the poll, and even in the comment section, they would allow no anti-barry comments to get through, and of course then CNN would read many of these comments online saying, see our polls are correct, and the people agree because they commented so.

Have these idiots ever thought to ask how enthusiastic people are to vote against Barry? vs how enthusiatic they are to vote for him?

I’ll betcha the to vote against him %% is higher.

The dude is toast, as long as Romney doesn’t go soft. When Bill Clinton threw Hussein under the bus over Bain, it became clear the old dog Democrats are done with him. They know that four more years of the amateur will deep-six the economy. Then there will be no more game of using tax dollars to buy votes, no more living high on the hog. Zero is done.

fulldroolcup | June 3, 2012 at 1:38 am

I predict Barak loses the popular vote in 48 states and in the Electoral College by 70 or more votes.

I further predict that George McGovern, the last radical to have his keister so handed to him by the American public, will offer to sell Obama his bankrupt Bed & Breakfast.

I further predict that Barack will consider his offer a steal, and accept it. He will call his barber “friend” back in Chicago and talk about a partnership.

Moochelle, having filed divorce papers the day after the election, will not be reachable for comment.

I don’t believe in polls this early. The solid partisans will do their duties. The mushy middle of “swing voters” and so-called “independents” are too stupid to tie their own shoes. So they don’t make up their minds (such as they are) until late in the campaign, and unfortunately they are the deciding factor in the election.

But any poll showing Obama at 54% in March is a laughable outlier. He has not seen such reelect support in over two years.

If Obama’s numbers haven’t been slipping since the day he got elected, we’re doomed – doomed, I say.

But, then again, most Democrats are Democrats only and not open to much more than that.

Thank goodness we outnumber them by a substantial margin and Obama will go down in history as a one term Democrat President loser and join Jimmah in the anus of history in a landslide defeat.

I just “rediscovered” InTrade…. Lot of folks going long on Obama. As for me, I am putting my miner (literally) on the Republicans. I’m even making money watching O’s popularity rating stay under 47.5%



Oh ..OT… InTrade has Walker at 98% for winning. Wish I could have bought on that one when it was still lower. Still, will be glad to see it happening.

    barbara in reply to DocWahala. | June 3, 2012 at 10:07 am

    Forgive my ignorance, Doc, but does InTrade actually take physical (monetary) bets? How do they do that without being caught up in the gambling laws? I’ve heard of them, but know nothing about them.

      DocWahala in reply to barbara. | June 3, 2012 at 5:35 pm

      It is based in Ireland. Go to ‘in’ – they have FAQ that answer your questions. Yes, it is physical money.

      Even if a person doesn’t become a member, can look at the site as if it was a barometer of polling. The site has a number of videos where they were on Fox and 20/20.

Enthusiasm is not something that wins elections, voting is. I may not have the warm and fuzzies for Romney, but I’ll vote for him.

Dear Leader’s people may be enthusiastic, but dissatisfaction is a stronger emotion when it comes to elections.