In the latest CNN Presidential poll, Romney is trailing President Obama by just 3 points, making him within the statistical margin of error for the sampling. The new numbers mean that the President has dropped 6 points in a little over a month. Via

Last month CNN’s poll showed the President with a 9-point advantage (52-43%). The high water mark for the President has been 54% in CNN’s March poll.

There’s more good news for Romney in this poll. He holds a commanding lead among independents who favor him 51%-39% over the President. However, it’s not all bad news for the President. CNN says the President’s supporters are currently more enthusiastic than Romney’s. Six in ten strongly support the President while 47% strongly support Romney.

The internal sampling for the poll isn’t available at present, so it’s not clear if the sampling of the new poll is identical to previous ones. CNN does note that today’s poll was taken before the release of today’s disastrous jobs numbers.

So the President’s numbers are sliding, his job approval ratings are not good, unemployment numbers are again on the rise, and work force participation levels remain dismal (see chart below). Given that this poll was taken before the May employment figures came in, it is yet unclear where the bottom is for the President, but my guess is that the Obama reelection team is frantically trying to find it.


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