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It was the worstest thing that ever happened


TrooperJohnSmith | June 18, 2012 at 4:09 pm

Sam Donaldson was downright to Reagan. However then, Reagan talked to the press more than once a year (or two) and the cameras weren’t constantly rolling.

But then again, Reagan had a -R after his name.

There is no shame on the Left. Soon, we’ll owe not just Jimmuh Caw-tuh an apology but Richard Nixon, too. Oh, and don’t forget Senator Joe Mac, who was indeed right all along…

I’ve never been a big fan of Rush but in this case he’s dead on right!

I’m sure that they, (the MSM), will be heckling President Romney beginning on January 20, 2013.

But that will be OK because it will be the “people’s” voice.

The BS never stops flowing but perhaps in November we can turn it down a notch or two…

Video of Sam “Bad Rug” Donaldson, interrupting Pres. Reagan…

    Excellent post and clean knockout, Rags; it destroys the opposition’s narrative. The Left, as we know, invokes civility only when it suits them. Obviously the jackals in your linked video were hoping to pull down Reagan.

    However, I continue to maintain that one does not interrupt the President when he is speaking from the podium. A Q&A session might be a different matter.

    And I continue in the opinion that at some point such interruptions are grounds for revocation of press credentials, be the interrupter liberal, conservative, or Martian. (NB: I put in “at some point” because IMO the issue calls for thinking through, not snap judgment.)

    Would I have supported Reagan in throwing the entire liberal press corps out of the White House if they’d persisted in the behavior in that clip? Yes, absolutely.

    As for Munro, IMO the Leftists in the White House or the W.H. press corps would be foolish to make him a martyr by expelling him: unless they know something about the economy that we don’t and really really need distractions.

wowz, I was ahead of Rushbo! I’ve been saying “what about the shoe incident” all along as exemplifying the double standard in the press. I am SO ready for the landslide that will happen 11/6 and the violence that will ensue. molon lave.

To be fair, I can’t pick Donaldson’s voice out of the chorus. So we can’t say that he was taking part in the “heckling”.

However, the fact that he was witness to this behavior in the past still makes his racial pronouncement all the more disgusting.

    Jay Jones in reply to Jay Jones. | June 18, 2012 at 4:42 pm

    *from what I saw in the (only?) video. Donaldson was off frame during the initial cacophony, and was first to ask a question of the AG. But that was after Reagan left.

I think that mohair rug on the top of Sam’s head has finally cooked his brain like a Stewart sandwich-in its own juices.

I know I’m dating myself, but those sandwiches were just plain good!

    Ragspierre in reply to persecutor. | June 18, 2012 at 6:11 pm

    I always thought…and still do…that rug was made of pretty heavy test mono-filament.

    You could make dandy leaders out of it. And they would be infused with “stink bait” already.

    (I get the patent on that, btw.)

Helen Thomas of course. Someone fit her for a burka, yet?

As to Ragspierre’s clip, I think it’s actually Bill Plante of CBS News asking the question after Reagan’s statement, then Donaldson jumps on Ed Meese.

Democrat comments about Obama’s race and demeanor are inartful and not mean-spirited but question his “not new” illegal policy of halting deportation of illegal immigrants and its mean-spirited and downright racist.

I agree that it wasn’t fitting to interrupt BO’s talk. However, I agree with Rush that it wasn’t racist, since Munro interrupted Obama’s white half.

[…] Meanwhile, Obama’s media minions at MSNBC had to fake-up a video mix in an attempt to make an increasingly confident and presidential-looking Mitt Romney look out-of-touch. Clearly, a sign of panic desperation. Gee, I guess “news reporters” will begin calling Obama’s detractors racists soon. […]

With quivering jowls and severe cases of hyperventilation, the Media proclaims this to be The Worst Possible Thing!

5 Trillion dollars worth of debt? Naaa.