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Good job

Good job

When someone in the blogosphere does a good job on a story, and goes places no one else has gone with it, he or she deserves credit, and at least a shout out.

Robert Stacy McCain is still on the Brett Kimberlin/Aaron Walker story while many others have moved on, including these recent posts:

Take a look at the stories, give him a shout out, and well, you know.


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Donald Douglas | June 3, 2012 at 3:45 pm

I hit Stacy’s tip jar with a Jackson the other day. When you’ve been driven underground that provides some excellent incentive to expose these creeps for who they are. And Stacy’s a reporter, so those posts have a very authoritative feel to them. And recall I went my congressman with this story the other day, and there’s much we can all do to keep it at the front of the agenda. I think it’s a turning point in the push back against the left’s censorship and intimidation.

No one has pulled together all the loose threads in the way “The Other” McCain has. And he continues to research and report, finding connections and details others have missed.

Patterico is now asking for volunteers to transcribe parts of the the Kimberlin v Walker hearing, which seems to be even worse than reported, so it can be published. He’s not interested in getting every word of the boring parts, just making sure the interesting and outrageous parts are accurately transcribed and published.

We need to remember that people like Patterico, Walker, McCain, Mandy Nagy of, Seth Allen, Erick Erickson, and Mike Stack have had their lives and families disrupted, and this is an ongoing campaign to keep the truth of some evil people from coming to light.

This isn’t some “blog war.” It’s for real.

Excellent post professor. The subject needs more attention and following Donald Douglas’ lead, I’ll hit McCain’s tip jar.

Thanks Estragon and everyone else for the support and comments.