Elizabeth Warren is the Democratic Party nominee for Senate, after party leaders twisted arms to make sure Marisa DeFranco did not make the primary ballot.

Warren may have become the nominee, but she’s still not Native American.

Whereas prior to May 2012 one might have said Warren simply believed what she (allegedly) was told, now the genealogical evidence has come out that Warren is not Cherokee  and there is no evidence she is any other Native American group.  So when Warren now insists she that being Native American is who she is, she knows that the facts contradict her; she’s no longer just mistaken, she’s lying.

Warren also has been caught lying about how she used her false Native American status professionally.  Her initial denial has given way to revelations about getting herself listed as a “Minority Law Teacher” in a law faculty directory, in the federal diversity reports filed by U. Penn. and Harvard, in the Harvard Women’s Law Journal, and in Harvard’s promotional campaign in the 1990s.  Only when all this evidence came out did Warren finally, a couple of days ago, admit that she had informed U. Penn. and Harvard of her Native American status.  Caught.

Slowly but surely, Warren is being exposed as a phony.  She is a real estate flipper  who took advantage of foreclosures, yet she decries people who take advantage of the financial misfortunes of others.  She overstated the financial difficulties of her parents when she was growing up, and makes bizarre boasts about being the first nursing mother to take the New Jersey Bar exam.

Warren stresses how she has overcome huge odds, but she ignores that her career owes much to her landing a job at U. Penn. law school because the law school wanted to hire her husband.  (Funny how that revelation has not received much attention yet.)

Warren started creating a persona of being Native American while at Penn and then parlayed that “woman of color” and “minority” status — as well as her gender — into a job at Harvard Law which was under enormous pressure at the time to diversity its faculty; only a complete naif would believe it played no role.

And last for now but not least, the woman who is the champion of the little people and transparency worked with Democratic Party bosses to prevent the little people from voting to decide who would become the nominee of the Democratic Party to go up against Scott Brown.

Warren, however, considers it “nasty” campaigning when she is caught and called out on lies and exposed.  Via The Boston Globe:

Massachusetts Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren, trying to rally Democrats to her cause, said today that questions about her Native American heritage have shown “how nasty” her campaign against Republican Scott Brown will be, but “I’m ready.” …

“Right here, right now, in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, we are ready to make a stand,” Warren told the union crowd. “I know what this fight is going to be about. I know how tough it’s going to be. I’ve gotten a taste of just how nasty it’s going to get. And you know what? I’m ready. So all I need to know is, are you ready?”

(added) Via The Boston Herald:

“It’s a long way from Ted Kennedy to Scott Brown,” said Warren. “His answer is to talk about my family and to tell me how I grew up. Well, I say this, if that’s all you got Scott Brown, I’m ready.”

Only in the world of Elizabeth Warren is exposing her for what she is deemed nasty.