Last night Patterico reminded us Aaron Walker Still Silent:

Outlaw judge Cornelius Vaughey’s ruling remains in effect. Aaron cannot truthfully blog about public figure Brett Kimberlin without violating a judge’s blatantly unconstitutional prior restraint of his speech.

Just thought I’d mention that. Since it’s still true.

While Walker remains under a gag order, at least he is free from criminal charges based upon the flimsy and outrageous claim that he violated a prior “peace order,” via Michelle Malkin, Brett Kimberlin fail alert: Criminal charges against Aaron Walker dropped:

A free speech win this morning…perfectly timed for the Right Online conference, where thousands of bloggers and activists (self included) are gathering to celebrate and defend our 1st amendment rights. Still a long fight ahead on many fronts, but this is terrific news (via the Court of Maryland case search database):

Nolle Prosequi means “do not prosecute”/”unwilling to pursue.

Michelle’s brilliant website, Twitchy, is following the twitter action.

While Aaron remains silenced, other are not:

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