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Cherokees launch fundraiser for Elizabeth Warren debate protests

Cherokees launch fundraiser for Elizabeth Warren debate protests

After Elizabeth Warren snubbed and insulted a small group of Cherokee women who traveled to Boston last week to see her, the Cherokees are undaunted.

The group formed in late May, Cherokees Demand Truth From Elizabeth Warren, has just launched a fundraiser:

We are now starting an official fund raiser in the hope of raising enough money to take another small group to MA in either late July or early August and then a large group (50+) of Cherokees to MA in September. We understand that money is tight for people these days, but even a donation of just a few dollars will help. Please see the donation link at the top right side of this blog to donate. [PayPal link at the post]

Elizabeth Warren was able to ignore the 4 Cherokee women who wanted to see her last week but will she be able to ignore a group of 50 or more Cherokees who want answers about why she has wrongly claimed to be one of us? We would like to find out, but we can’t do it without your help.

Thank you in advance for your donations.

I’m not sure how much they need to raise, but I’m guessing they’re going to need at least several hundred dollars per person, so we’re talking at least $30,000.  For Elizabeth Warren, that’s about one check from a single Hollywood star,

As I noted the other day, Warren thinks she can get away with her bullying conduct towards these women because Warren has the power of a media machine behind her.  The only thing the Cherokee women have behind them is the truth.  Help get the truth out.


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“…but will she be able to ignore a group of 50 or more Cherokees who want answers….”

SHE will be able to ignore them. Princess Running Bare can avoid reality with great skill, it seems.

The Boston media…? Now, there’s a different story. That is a LOT of pissed off people to ignore, coming into town.

Donation made.

While this protest will never make the Great Fish Wrapper of Record, I’m sure they will at least pick it up in Bawston.

    The only place it matters is Bawston! Not many Mass voters in New York catching up on the Mets and Yankees box scores.

      They should set up a stand and serve fry bread at Faneuil Hall and tell Bostonians what they think of Elizabeth Warren. Everyone likes fry bread.

        A firecracker stand might be good too. I doubt people in Massachusetts even remember what fireworks are.

Taxpayer1234 | June 26, 2012 at 9:28 am

Warren still does not understand what a hornet’s nest she’s stirred up. The Cherokee don’t suffer fools gladly.

MaggotAtBroadAndWall | June 26, 2012 at 9:49 am

I hope they have controls in place to ensure good financial record keeping and compliance with election and tax law.

We know from experience that Democrats are vile, nasty sub-humans when they don’t get their way (algore, Scott Walker, Rush, etc.)

Just look at how they reacted to the Tea Party. Not only were Tea Partyers smeared and called every name in the book, but Democrats pressured the IRS and other authorities to investigate many Tea Party groups to ensure they were complying with all laws related to their funding. It was harrassment intended to intimidate and silence Tea Party political opposition to Democrats.

I just hope the Cherokees have their house in order if the Democrats use the levers of government to try to silence them as they tried to silence the Tea Party.

This will really expose my e ignorance but here goes. lf we send you a check thru Cornell l assume you will get it? Another stupid question: Where’s Cornell? To many of us southwestern redneck hillbillies its just one of those myriad elete pain in the ass eastern colleges.

Good point! These ladies really are just regular everyday people, I hope someone can assist them in that. Hopefully this will be a community based effort, while they appreciate the help it would be too easy to claim they are backed by extremist.

Will they be at the debate at UMASS Lowell. Several years ago, UMASS Lowell sport teams were ‘The Indians’, but now due to cultural changes they are The River Hawks.

Thanks for the heads-up, Prof. It’s on my calendar to send a donation on payday.