Time Magazine wants attention, and it is getting it:

I will fight to my dying breath to preserve the freedom of the depressed former titans of information to run “don’t look at that car wreck on the side of the road” covers.

And to engage in a bigger mommie war, as detailed by Noah Rothman at Mediaite, ‘Mommy Wars’ Heating Up: Time Magazine Vs. Ann Romney:

The “mom wars” are in full swing; they join gay marriage, birth control and 1970s-era toys as the latest in election year non-issue cultural battlegrounds. If Democratic Strategist Hillary Rosen’s comments in April represented the “mom wars” version of the firing on Ft. Sumter, today’s salvos are the Peninsula campaign – a brutal and ultimately failed assault that heralded a long and bloody war. The latest volleys were launched by both Republican candidate Mitt Romney’s wife Ann, who wrote an opinion piece in USA Today celebrating motherhood, and Time Magazine’s releasing a sensationalist cover piece showing a young mom breastfeeding a boy well beyond toddler stage….

Furthermore, unemployment claims dropped by 1,000 claims from the previous week, the lowest since March. That said, they are still at 367,000 new claims for the week ending May 5. One would think such good news for the Obama administration on the economic front would merit some focus – unless, that is, it would take voters focus off the culture wars they have fostered since January and would force voters to actually take stock in the state of the economy.

Hey, did you know that the United States’ reached a milestone trade deficit today, hitting $51.8 billion or 14.1 percent? If you did, you are what they call a “reader” and are not welcome at the debate table, thanks very much.

Given these facts, it makes more political sense that we have a national conversation about the virtue of breastfeeding.


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