It started out as a massive 5000-word hit piece on Mitt Romney reminiscent of what The Washington Post did to Rick Perry about a rock on his family hunting ground.

WaPo put a reporter (or more) on the case and apparently spared no effort to find something which could make a headline based on events that took place multiple decades ago.  In the case of Perry, WaPo had to go back to the early 1980s, for Romney back to the mid-1960s when Romney was in high school.

The long and the short of the story was that Romney was mean in high school.  Romney was supposed to enter the public consciousness as the ringleader in a Lord of the Flies remake.

The most celebrated incident involved the alleged cutting of a student’s hair.  The student according to WaPo was known for “nonconformity and presumed homosexuality,” and voila, Romney is lambasted across the left-blogosphere and media as a gay basher, much as Perry was lambasted as a racist.

Put aside that nothing in their lives in the past several decades supported such conclusions, WaPo found something in the distant past based on confused or contradictory recollections and then set the narrative.

But the story is not holding up as intended:

And biggest point of the day, perhaps the American people are just fine with the leader of the pack:

Would it be wrong of me to say “I hope WaPo fails”?

Or at least that they never make it off the island?


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