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Tuesday: one of the busiest election days of 2012

Tuesday: one of the busiest election days of 2012

Ballotpedia, the “interactive almanac of state politics,” has an excellent run-down of Tuesday’s elections across the country.

While we’ve already reported to you on what’s at stake in Wisconsin and Mourdock’s challenge to Lugar, there are other key elections in Indiana, North Carolina, and West Virginia to note.

According to Ballotpedia:

It’s worth taking a glance at their coverage as we head into “one of the busiest election days of the 2012 season.”


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After Daniels endorsed Lugar out of loyalty, the state and country is better served without him in office. What a black mark on his record.

    BannedbytheGuardian in reply to wodiej. | May 7, 2012 at 8:46 pm

    From your perspective Wody it is was very good that he & Cantor & McCain et al did.

    If Mourdock takes Lugar down then Sarah Palin & her warrior Wodiejs have some big scalps.

    I was laid up yesterday & bored & read reams of comments in the LSM n the day of her endorsment . Amazing there they were bitching away . Hope they look like fools today.

    It will put the fear of God into all Republicans.

newt “dede” gingrinch

“CROWLEY: They seem to have faded a bit, though, would you agree with that?

GINGRICH: But they don’t have passion they had in 2010 partially I think out of frustration with having won the House and not seeing the scale of change they want. I mean, this is a very complex form of government and there are times when it takes longer to get something done than people would like.”

newt g. a-hole

huskers-for-palin | May 7, 2012 at 11:53 pm

Next week it’s Nebraska. Incumbent Lee Terry (establishment stooge, NE-2) is the odds on favorite. He really hasn’t had a serious primary fight since his first term. He has a large war chest and is a committee chairman. Some of this general election contests have been close. This little piggy needs to go to the market and never come back.

NE-1 and NE-3. No challengers of consequence

Senate: Big fight on the GOP side as the race narrows between Bruning (establishment) Stenberg (old dog, been there done that numerous times and lost) and Fischer (steadily climbing in the polls and recently endorsed by SHEPAC). The winner faces Bob Kerry which promises to be a big-budget and nasty fight.

Pasturized | May 8, 2012 at 7:30 am

Going to my precinct and I’m going to vote against Dick Lugar
Going to my precinct and I’m going to vote against Dick Lugar
Gee, he’s really lost it so I’m going to vote against Dick Lugar
Going to my precinct to vote

Traditional family values will likely win the day in NC and the wave of support it brings to the polls should carry many if not all of teh ten exec office seekers for conservatives as well.

Biden giving his bleeding heart support for da gay sex people is a hilariously transparent effort to seek out wedge issues as a campaign distraction from Obama’s record.

    Milhouse in reply to OcTEApi. | May 8, 2012 at 6:10 pm

    That depends on how many voters realise that the proposed amendment would ban civil unions as well. Most people are for civil unions, and wouldn’t knowingly vote for a measure that banned them.

Like Santorum endorsing Specter in 2004, Daniels endorsing Lugar is understandable: an experienced candidate who had endorsed you in the past is hard to say NO to. And the Party committees are always going to support incumbents who are challenged, it is part of what they promise in recruitment. These are normal things which happen on both sides of the aisle, not the result of some nefarious conspiracy.

Had Daniels or Cantor or anyone else had any idea how wildly Lugar was willing to flail to save his seat, their endorsements would have been in a much lower key.

Mourdock has a stellar record, both as a conservative and as a vote-getter, having won more votes than any other Indiana candidate in 2010, including Mitch Daniels. When he whips Lugar, he will be welcomed by Republicans in DC.

Daniels would make a good choice for Chief of Staff, btw.

Just marked my ballot for Newt. Empty gesture, but such is life.