It’s not enough for Operation Counterweight to get a candidate through the primary.  We need to support the candidate immediately to keep the momentum going.

Richard Mourdock is not running to the left (often mischaracterized as running to the center) one bit.

Listen to this interview, which has the mainstream media up in arms because Mourdock defined bi-partisanship as Democrats coming over to our side on issues (3:25):

“What I hear you say is you’re not going to compromise,” O’Brien observed. “In fact, the only compromise you’ll do is really getting other people on the other side of the aisle to come to your side of the aisle, which I guess is the definition against compromise…”

“Well, it is the definition of political effectiveness,” Mourdock countered.

“True, so political effectiveness, you are saying, is not possible with compromise,” O’Brien pressed. “Some people would say political effectiveness in the Senate would require compromise. There are many issues that cannot be done if you do not get bipartisan support. You’re not going to work toward bipartisan support?”

“Well, the fact is, you never compromise on principles,” Mourdock replied. “If people on the far left they have a principle to stand by, they should never compromise, those of us on the right should not either. It may come in the finer details of the plan or the budget, but the real principles I’ve mentioned about having government rolled back in size, lowering taxes, those are the principles that caused me to get in this race. What has motivated many people to get out and work for us and we are at that point where one side or the other has to win this argument. One side or the other will dominate.”

Democrat Joe Donnelly has more money than Mourdock because Donnelly didn’t have a primary.

Mourdock has a money bomb going to close the gap.  CONTRIBUTE HERE.


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