Does this suprise anyone?  Oh, to not agree with Rahm Emanuel in Chicago:

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel is not returning calls from the Ricketts family and is “livid” over a New York Times report that Joe Ricketts commissioned a proposal for a multimillion-dollar ad campaign linking President Obama to the president’s former pastor, Jeremiah Wright, according to an Emanuel aide.

Joe Ricketts’s children, which include Obama bundler Laura Ricketts, bought the Chicago Cubs in 2009 and have been in talks with the city about renovating the team’s 98-year-old stadium, Wrigley Field.

That appears to be on hold now.

Ricketts now has a target on his back, and despite the fact that the proposal was just a proposal to him which was not acted on, his ability to deal with government will be severely hampered.

Now had Ricketts been a major liberal billionaire, and had the proposal been to go after Mitt Romney based on his connection to the Mormon Church and its racial history, there would be no retribution by Republican politicians.  And The NY Times not only would not have cared, it would have fed the information to its columnists.

How’s that 2008 election working out for the country, Senator McCain?

“Senator McCain is very proud of the campaign he ran in 2008,” said Brian Rogers, the spokesman. “He stands by the decisions he made during that race and would make them again today.”


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