Reputed neo-Nazi J.T. Ready apparently killed himself and his family yesterday.

There is one thing the major media outlets (MNSBC, L.A. Times, Arizona Republic) reporting on the story either fail to mention or bury.  Ready was planning to run for Sheriff as a Democrat (h/t reader mgparrish):

A well known former Neo-Nazi has his sights set on the Pinal County Sheriff’s office now that the current Sheriff, Paul Babeu plans to run for Congress and J.T. Ready wants the job.

In a move that surprised many people, Ready switched political parties and plans to run as a Democrat.

Instead, groups like Think Progress already are seeking to frame the media narrative in the direction that Ready once was associated with the Republican Arizona legislator who helped draft S.B. 1070, even though the relationship was disavowed when Ready’s neo-Nazi ties became known.  That theme has been picked up by the Tucson Citizen, which repeatedly mentions that the legislator is Republican, but buries Ready’s Democratic Party plans near the bottom of the article.

Ready’s plans to run as a Democrat do not implicate the Democratic Party in any way.  But you can be sure that the media narrative will try to implicate Republicans, as it already has, and work the Tea Party into this somehow.