Al Sharpton:

Meghan McCain and Al Sharpton:

Now Meghan is whining about criticism of her over the Sharpton interview, which is part of her schtick as pointed out by Noah Rothman at Mediaite , Meghan McCain Looks For Fight, Finds Many, Now Wants Sympathy?

MSNBC contributor Meghan McCain appeared on Rev. Al Sharpton’s program on Thursday, where she said that the Republican party treats her like a “freak” and a “mutant” simply because she holds some moderate views on divisive social issues. McCain has often made herself out to be a victim of close-minded conservatives who simply reject her for her less-than-dogmatic policy preferences. But McCain forgets that she has made a career of being a contrarian – her vehicle for getting air time consists almost entirely of starting fights with Republican pundits and lawmakers….

McCain fancies herself a victim – beset on all sides by nasty tyrants from within the GOP. She lobbies against hate and prejudice, but it is McCain who is often the bully. Let me be clear, conservatives who underestimate her intelligence do not get it. She seems to know exactly what she is doing and how to do it. By attacking conservatives, she appears to win friends on the left. But McCain never demonstrates any self-awareness about how and why conservatives would be upset with her conduct. Perhaps she should take stock of her long history of aggression towards her fellow Republicans.

NOTE TO MEGHAN, no part of this post referred to your physical attributes.

ADDITIONAL NOTE TO MEGHAN, when the only person to take you seriously is Al Sharpton, you have a problem


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