reports that James O’Keefe has been subpoenaed by the New Hampshire Attorney General in connection with his New Hampshire voter-fraud investigation.

James O’Keefe tweeted early Sunday evening that New Hampshire Attorney General Michael Delaney “attempted to serve a criminal grand jury subpoena on me at event in NH”:

James then tweeted:

He’s not the first to try to stop our work through intimidation and the threat of criminal prosecution. But we’re not stopping.

Tomorrow morning we are going to FOIA DOJ for all communications between NH AG and US AG Eric Holder to determine who’s really behind this.

Half tragic and half comic public officials wish to jail journalists for legally exposing facts that run counter to their false narratives.

James O’Keefe and his organization Project Veritas requested ballots in multiple New Hampshire precincts by providing the names of dead voters to election workers, where voters are not required to provide identification. As a result of his investigation, the New Hampshire state senate passed a bill requiring voters to provide identification.


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