I never get invited to anything.  Not that I would go, anyway.  I have much more important things to do.

Via Ben Smith, Buzzfeed Politics, After A Twitter Win, Romney Meets The Online Right:

At the Republican National Committee yesterday, conservative online writers and bloggers who arrived to meet with Romney were also shown a chart that seemed to explain the Romney campaign’s new warmth toward them. The chart (resembling, a source said, the one produced by Twitter above) illustrated the role a hyperactive conservative Twitterverse played in turning Hilary Rosen’s jab at Ann Romney into a great campaign moment for the Republican….

The meeting, which included writers from RedState and Breitbart.com as well as a list of conservative publications reported by Huffington Post — National Review, Daily Caller, American Spectator, Washington Examiner, Powerline, Townhall,, RiehlWorldView, White House Dossier, and PJ Media (though not, as an early report had suggested, the conspiracist site WorldNetDaily). RNC chairman Reince Preibus also attended.

Notably, the meeting also included some grassroots bloggers with no real institutional ties to the Washington Republican Establishment, including the Twitter virtuoso Ace of Spades and John Hawkins of Right Wing News.

I don’t take these things personally.  Really, I don’t.  They probably only invited bloggers, like Dan Riehl, who had been friendly to Romney during the primaries, as further reported by Buzzfeed:

“It was mostly enemy territory for [Romney], until recently,” a participant said. “He may not win us over, we may even fight some things if he’s elected. But reaching out is the best thing he could have done under the circumstances.”

And it’s not like I spent any of my precious time defending Ann Romney.

Anyway, I mean, I could not have just jumped on a plane from Ithaca.  The airline service is spotty and expensive, and from what I hear the airspace between here and everywhere else was declared a no fly zone yesterday.

Also, it’s not like they allowed people to call in:

So even though there were as many as 60 writers at the Capitol Hill Club gathering, along with others calling in by phone, they weren’t permitted to cover.


Calm down.  I could not have called in, because all of the phone lines in Ithaca were broken, and the cell phone towers had been vandalized.

I don’t seek recognition.  Yeah, that’s the ticket.


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