One big advantage Democrats in Wisconsin have is the college student vote.  These students, many of whom are from out of state and have no real connection to Wisconsin, were a big part of the Prosser-Kloppenburg turnout in Madison.  In a close election, they could be the difference.

But the June 5 recall takes place well after the end of the semester, and the Wisconsin recall movement is worried.  The out-of-staters cannot  vote in the recall once they go back to Long Island or wherever they came from, unless they have filed in time for an absentee ballot.

This also could be a problem for in-staters, if they registered in Madison, but do not re-register in their real hometown in time for the election and do not return to Madison to vote.

So the pro-recall movement it it trying to organize absentee ballots, as reflected on the Defend Wisconsin (pro-recall) website:

Students leaving Madison for the summer are encouraged to vote absentee, due to a concern that they may not have time to establish residency for 28 days as required under Wisconsin law.

While it appears the photo ID requirement is unlikely to be reinstated by the May 8 recall primary or the June 5 general recall elections, other changes in voting laws remain in place. Among the changes are the 28-day residency requirement, the elimination of the corroborating witness for voter registration, and the requirement that voters sign the poll book.

The primary date for the recall elections for the governor and some state senate districts is May 8. The general recall election will be held June 5, fewer than 28 days after the official end of spring semester exams on May 19.

Given the 28-day residency requirement, students who previously registered to vote in Madison but are leaving the city for summer break with the intention of moving back in the fall should opt to vote absentee here….

Students who are leaving Madison at the end of the semester and do not plan on returning should register to vote in their new place of residence once they have been there long enough to establish residency (28 days).

Any reports out there about how the absentee drive is going?  Also, I wonder if this has been factored into the polling.


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