It’s pretty unfair to compare Dana Milbank and Jayson Blair by lumping them together with no real connection, isn’t it?

Almost as bad as this headline and column from Dana Milbank lumping Richard Mourdock and federal prisoner Keith Judd together, Richard Mourdock and Keith Judd vs. Washington:

Both men were beneficiaries of voter protests on Tuesday against the Washington status quo — one protest harmless, the other insidious. The benign vote went to Judd, who won 41 percent of the ballots against President Obama in West Virginia’s Democratic presidential primary. It was an embarrassment for the president but purely symbolic. The more worrisome protest vote benefited Mourdock, who bested six-term Sen. Richard Lugar in the Indiana Republican primary. That election has the potential to make the broken system in Washington more caustic and less functional.

Mourdock, a geologist by trade, is Indiana’s state treasurer. Perennial candidate Judd, who goes by the nickname “Dark Priest” and has an extremely long mullet, lists himself as a past member of the Federation of Super Heroes and is doing time for making threats at the University of New Mexico.

Yet the two men are equally irrational in their plans for changing Washington. And the two are equally likely to succeed with these plans, which is to say they have no chance at all.

Dana Milbank and Jason Blair have more in common than Mourdock and Judd.  Milbank makes up nonsense and Blair made  up stuff.  And they both did it for premier liberal newspapers.  See, a clear connection!

The ability to find these connections not seen to mere mortals is what caused me to do so well on the LSATs, and landed Milbank at WaPo.

Well, Dana, put me in the headline as well, along with the clear majority of voters in 2010, and if trends hold, a majority in 2012.

In other news:

Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida will be the first top name Republican to team up in person with Richard Mourdock, the two-term Indiana state treasurer who soundly defeated longtime Sen. Richard Lugar in last week’s GOP Senate primary.

A Rubio aide confirmed to CNN that the first term senator, who’s popular with Republican and conservative voters, will headline a fundraiser for Mourdock on June 4 in Carmel, Indiana.

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