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Counter Attack

Counter Attack

From the Susan B. Anthony List:

And Milton Wolf:


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44 musta’ been a deep C diver, he’s got the bends..

The Susan B. Anthony spot is terrific.

“Thank you for your conformity.” That’s the ticket.

[…] Via Legal Insurrection […]

The SBA ad is very well done. I hate being pigeon-holed a “woman voter” (the issues most important to me would be the same if I were a man) but I guess that’s the game we have to play this year.

I do wish they could have included the “sweetie” line in there somewhere.

Way, way, way too cool — both videos. Hit them where they’re at. I love it. I will be following Wolf and sending money to S.B.Anthony.

Womanhood denied. NOT BLOODY LIKELY, emphasis on bloody. Keep your sleazy paws off my freedom of conscience, you reptilian occupant of the Oval Office and your sub-human co-conspirators.

Here is another “counter attack” video, from Althouse, “Stand With Governor Walker.”

[…] Betty Friedan complained that the mid-20th century America was a place of conformity where domesticity was forced on housewives under the guise of feminine mystique.  The Susan B. Anthony List has the Democratic party’s answer to the 1950s ideal, and it’s not pretty (via Legal Insurrection): […]

Who would have thought that Barack Obama would go all out to be the “Rick Santorium” of the Left.

They told us that you couldn’t run on social issues, but I guess when your economic and foreign policy portfolio looks as bad as this Administration’s, you are willing to try anything.