Remember that next Tuesday is the recall election in Wisconsin.

A good Marquette poll yesterday deflated hopes on the left that the recall race was tightening.  But Walker is not taking any chances, releasing this ad against Barrett:

More devastating news for the recall effort is that public employee union enrollment has dropped by more than 50% in the past year.  This is significant for the recall election because over half union employees do not have to pay union dues by their own choosing thanks to Walker.

Additionally, Walker has received verification of good jobs numbers which had been the subject of dispute:

Republican Gov. Scott Walker’s administration said Wednesday that the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics has finalized higher job numbers for Wisconsin for 2011, which would blunt one of his opponent’s biggest arguments against him just six days before he stands for recall.

This leads Steven Hayward at Power Line to opine that this may be big labor’s armeggedon:

No wonder the unions have gone to the mat against Governor Scott Walker.  The Journal notes that the Wisconsin showdown may be the rough equivalent of President Reagan’s firing of the air traffic controllers in 1981.  If Walker wins the recall vote comfortably next week, as polls suggest he might, look for his national stature to soar. He’ll likely end up on Mitt Romney’s short list for VP.

A Walker win setting him up to be a top contender for VP?  I wish I had thunk of that.

We’ll cover the recall election results Tuesday night, and have something special in store if Walker wins, so be here.